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Merry Christmas


Finished Christmas Tree skirt

And just in time for Christmas!!!

I ran out of binding a few days ago but picked some up yesterday and now I have finished...I Like it....Now we just have to change our Christmas Tree theme for next year cause silver doesn't match!

See A I do finish things I start!!!


I got a nice Christmas bonus of 2 years back pay this we have made a list of what we would like to buy and were waiting til the after christmas sales to spend it...but yesterday we found this....

We've been needing a new quilt cover for about 2 years now...I was so sick of the old one....this one is good with out being to girly....I already have plans of making a chocolate and cream (with splashes of aqua) quilt to go with it!!

Yes there is a pillow case missing....I droped it when taking it off the line and when I went back down to get it it had Jester slobber on it!!! So now it is waiting for another wash!

We also bought some new sheets to match...half price!!....they feel very nice to sleep on!


A is getting much more adventurous with his cooking....Yesterday we made bread!! It has Zucchini and Goat's Cheese in it and it is yummy!!!! A has never seen anyone make bread before and I had great difficulty explaining to him how to kneed it!! I wasn't allowed to show him cause it was his bread...!!!

It turned out alright in the end... it needed to be cooked are a little longer though...I think it was a little sticky in the middle, although that could have just been the cheese...any way it made heaps more than we bargained for so half of it is in the freezer...

We have heaps of yummy things planned for Christmas brunch...we went and bought the last of the stuff today....just the bread to pick up on Sunday so that it is fresh!!

Firsts for Jester

Jester went for his first swim yesterday...we took him for a walk yesterday morning to the dog park...there were no other dogs there (Yeah!) and he played around for awhile chasing the birds and just sniffing and playing... we found a tennis ball there to play with...he is finally getting better at bringing it back...then as we were leaving we decided to take him to the river's edge and give him a swim...he walked in the water but wouldn't go far enough out to A picked him up and threw him out where he couldn't touch!! He swam around for a bit and loved it!! Then A had to take off his shoes and socks and go and get Jester cause he went too far along the river where we couldn't get him and he wouldn't come!!! A not happy!! Then we put the lead on him so that we could pull him back in if he went too far...I think we'll take a rope down next time to tie to his lead so he can swim out further!

First for me yesterday also...had to pick up Jester's poo …

Sweet baby

I worked on this last night...I think I'll ask my mum to write me a letter, about me as a baby, for the journaling. Stuff she remembers about the first 6 weeks of my life..

Christmas Tree 2006

We decided to go for a silver theme this year....with our white (boring) lights it does look pretty cool...snowy theme A calls it...Noodle loved playing with the ornaments that hang down low on the tree...Lucky we have cheap ones!!

I'm thinking I'll make some photo ones to add to the tree, in silver...with a small splash of seems to be my favourite colour these days...Black and white photo of our little family for our tree!

Dh is back!!

After 7 and a half long weeks Hubby is home!! YEAH!!! And he bought home a surprise...He won the 'Student Of Merit' award for being the best on course!! I'm so proud!!


New projects....

I have two new projects for the new year....Mum needs me to add some extra length to the quilt I made I will be bringing that back from holidays to work on....and she wants a special scrapbooking album done for her 50th October 2008!! I need to start now so I have plenty of time to finish it...Just thought I'd record ideas here so I don't forget what she wants...

Colours: Purple, Glod, Olive Rust, Browns etc Egyptian colours
Style: contempary/vintage....not retro or brights
Number of pages: 10 or so photos for each decade.....50 odd?? So looking at 30 pages??? maybe a few more??? Will have to see how it pans out!

Yeah...I'm project....Don't know if A will feel the same way!!

Sisters...if there is anything you think needs to go in there....make sure you tell me!!

Tree Skirt Progress

I decided to go with trees....the trees echo the edges of the skirt and they are simple and won't take me forever to finish...(hopefully!!) I'm going to work on them now before A rings to say goodnight! LOVE YOU LOTS A!!!!

Weigh In

I weighed myself today....thought I'd put it here as a reference:63.5kg

I'd like to get to 61kg (I've been down to 62 using the CSIRO Wellbeing Plan before)

2nd layout

I finished this layout is the second (I've now changed it to the first page it looked better on the other side) page of a two page layout...but I'm still having some setting out issues on the first (now second) page...I don't know where I should put the journaling or how much detail will I need??

Blogger is down will add pic later!
Blogger still not letting me add pictures.....I have now finished the second page too!!
Blogger being a pain...the java script won't work...had to do this from Mozilla Firefox...must get A to check that when he gets home on Wednesday


I couldn't sleep last night (too worried about A) so here is my first scrapbooking layout that I have finished....I have a few others started but I always get stuck on the title and journaling...I think I like it...I sooo didn't want to cut into my papers but I figure why buy them if you don't use them...and I can always buy another one if I stuff up....What do you think.... does it look finished?

One of Four

Here is one of the four striped panel for my tree skirt...the other 3 look very similar! Only took me about two now I need to decide on the picuters for the other panels...

Christmas Sewing

I've started my christmas sewing...there are other things I want to make but I went to Spotlight today and the was nothing (practically nothing) christmas-y there! Lots of panels but no red/blue/purple/sliver prints...I did find form green so it was lucky that I had some reds form a few years ago...I was going to make some presents but they will all have to be on hold til next year.

I did however start a christmas tree skirt...(for my put it around the bottom of the tree to hide the stand thingy...before the presents get there) Seen as Christmas will be quiet this year and not many presents to put under the tree I though I would dress it up a little....I'm using the foundation piecing method as it is quick and easy....that said I might not finish it in time.... There are 8 panels...4 striped and 4 plain (the white material) which i will add some applique to...not sure what yet...I did think maybe a tree but seen as it is going under the tree I think something else…


I have just spent more than 10 minutes picking up dog poo....the joys of having a puppy!!

Jester has been having a fine time playing in the hose and sprinkler this morning...then he rolled in the dirt!!

A picture of Noodle she doesn't feel left out!

Luke's Quilt

I finished sewing Luke's quilt top together this I think it needs something else....I'm thinking a top and bottom blue??? But will that make to quilt too long and skinny....maybe I need border on all sides??? blue, one orange, one yellow, one green?????
I think I'll quilt it with a square spiral patterern like this... like a square snail shell pattern......hhhhmmm...thinking thinking........

Gender Issues??

Took Jester for a walk to the dog park today and saw 3 Border was chocolate and white like Jester...She was 6 months old...named Emma...SHE TRIED TO HUMP HIM!!!...Do dogs have gender issues???


I'm very tired today....had a sleepover last night with 24 school children...going to bed late, numerous toilet trips, early rising and a hard floor don't make for the best nights sleep...I think I got about 3 hrs in total!

The kids were good behaviour issues...just very to see the reef at night, the turtles....and the sharks....and the coral....and the rays... and the clownfish.....and the crabs....and the trigger fish...and the travelly...and the butterfly fish...and the sea cucumbers...and get the idea! Took some great photos this morning of the reef as the sun was filtering in. I loved the little yellow one..he (or she) seemed to be playing games as every time I got up to the glass to take a pic it would dart behind the wall where I couldn't see it...then I would take a photo of another fish and the camera wouldn't be ready when he came back...I did manage to get some great shots though...I've put them on my screen saver...s…

New Quilting Project??

I'm thinking of starting this as my next quilting project??? What do you think? they are wall hangings?? Not sure if I have room to put them in this house...but will have moved by the time I finish them ...I'm sure of it! ( not for at least 12 months...if you were wondering!)

Bee please leave comments!!

Our Grandchildren - Cross Stitch

This will be for Nana G when I eventually finish it!!

Loooong Days!

I've had lots of looong days lately....such a busy time of year with end of term stuff as well this year flying back and forth to see A....can't be helped and so it gets done....I know it will all gets done....I keep repeating to myself....Give it to a busy person and it will get done....came true today....actually last week when I had a survey to fill out for work....I asked Lyn did I get picked to do it randomly..."Yes it was 'random'" she said "so I gave it to you cause I knew it would get done!!" point exactly...

Going to spend a bit of time in Airports....wish I could do my hand sewing or cross stitching while I wait....but scissors allowed!! I really need to finish Nana's 'Grandchildren Garden''s taking longer than I thought....I won't tell you how long too embarrassing... Guess I'll have to start my new book....Just finished 'The Tenth Circle' by Jodi Picoult...didn't enjoy it as much as …

Do Feet Shrink???

I went shopping today and got some new shoes....I'm normally a size 9 but today I bought a pair of size 8's...the 9's were too big and so were the 8 1/2's??? So Do feet shrink???

Birthday Presents!

Thank you for all my birthday presents....Carrisa's was the best though.... I have spent time today adding notes to the 'Quilt Journal' she got me....I have always wanted one...I started something similar on the computer..but it's hard to take it with you to show the Journal will be I just have to get some photos of my quilts printed out!

Busy Busy!!

I'm back from my hecktic weekend...all went well though!

No major headaches from the wedding...L and M had a wonderful night and everything went to plan..minor hitch with the flowers (the florist forgot there were three bridesmaids!!) and photos (couldn't get some shots that were wanted as another wedding was happening) but all in all a good night...ended earlier than espected though...good for me as I was stuffed!!

Went and visited baby P on Sunday....what a sweetie...M is a natural and looked so comfortable with him...He was 5 weeks yesterday...I got a good cuddle and nursed him back to sleep...Hope to catch up with them in January when we are next down for a visit. M loved the quilt I made for him so after we took some photos she left him to sleep on it! Sooo Cute....Cluck Cluck Cluck!!

Took Jester to the vet today....his last lot of shots...he can go for walkies in 10 days, after they kick will do me good to get some exercise! He also lost his first tooth sometime in …

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday toooo meeee!!!

Friday the 13th!!

I've survived Friday the 13th.....

We were going to have some friends around for dinner... they cancelled on us cause H wasn't feeling well...A also told me we were having a surprise dinner guest...but when the others cancelled I was able to get it out of him...It is an old friend of A's, who he was best man for some years ago, when we were first together...haven't seen him for about 5 and half years....but he had to cancel too :( ...His plane was late getting in and he wouldn't be finished work till about 10:30pm..... so we had take away instead of cooking the gormay(sp??) meal we had planned....Oh well lamb shanks freeze well....

Have been sewing the binding together for C's quilt...I've added the borders and her name but found I just couldn't leave it the way it was.....the purple borders hide the top corner as it is also I will have to unpick and replace the corner block...which I was going to do tonight but I can't find my unpicker…

Weekend Away

A has taken me for weekend away...just wonderful! This is the view from our secluded pole-cabin with fire place (which we lit even thought it wasn't really cold enough) and double spa bath! A very quiet relaxing weekend away.

Jester went on his first play date today! He went to visit Phoenix at her place...he then had to ride home in the ute. He is one very tired puppy this afternoon...he doesn't even stir when you walk right up to him!! Lucky he likes Phoenix though as he will have to visit again when we go down for L and M's wedding in a few weeks!

L's Quilt Progress

I'm making this Quilt for L, my cousins son. He is about 16 months old now...It started out for someone else and then I stuffed up the blocks cause I trimmed them thinking they were going to end up the wrong size but then after I'd trimmed about 10 blocks I thought about it some more and realised that I shouldn't have cut them and they were right in the first place....So I needed to make a decision about instead of making a decision I put them away and they became a UFO...until now...

I made a decision and trimmed all of the other blocks so the are going to be a bit weird in places and of course smaller then they were meant to be....But they should turn out alright... this is just for the layout...none of them are sewn together yet...

My NEW Overlocker!

My Mummy took me shopping today and bought me a new I just have to work out how to use it...but the shop lady said she will give me free lessons!!! Also found a dress pattern I like today but they had none in the shop so I have ordered it and now need to wait 10 days to get it...oh well....need to shop for some material anyway! I looked today but didn't see anything I loved enough to make a whole dress out of it!

Mum got some material for 4 new shirts so I will help her with those this week and fix A's snoopy...must take some before and after shots. He has had it since he was a tiny it needs lots of repairs...holes mended and the material is all faded so I want to replace it for him (and our children one day too).

M's Baby has arrived!

M rang me yesterday. She had a boy on the 18th of September....very typical of her to wait and ring me...but I think she wanted to tell me herself. They are very happy and healthy...I'll go down and see them in about three weeks.....must finish his quilt before then....Hope it's not too girly....?? I will still have to put a tag on the back....

Fuzzy Circles

It has taken just a week shy of two years to finish but it is now done! I still like it although it needed to but slightly bigger to sit nicely on the double bed in the spare room but it is done and Binded so no more! A hates it though....too bright for him and it will continue to shed threads...not his style at all.
I've been so busy reading other blogs I've forgotten to update mine!

Had a slight interruption yesterday with my quilting....I had (still have) one side of binding to be stitched down on my 'Fuzzy Circles' quilt when the cat weed on it!! I was having a nanna nap....(I've been really tired lately)....and when I came back to finish it I found a huge wet patch on it! She got a smack for it and I then had to go and try and wash the quilt. I managed to rinse out the bit she weed on and let it drip dry over night so I can finish sewing it today. I want it finished and on the spare bed for when Mum visits on Sunday. It the only quilt she asked Have you finished it yet? I will for when she gets here.

Had a yard clean up yesterday....I pushed the mower while A whipper-snipped. We put the sprinklers on when we where finished and had a long play with Jester in the backyard. That dog is going to need a lot of exercise! The vet told us on Tuesday that he was fat!!…

Good Food Great Husband!!

I'm full!!

A has cooked another wonderful meal again tonight. He is a Jamie Oliver convert and loves to cook his recipes and does a fabulous job of it! Tonight was
Pappardelle, spicy sausage meat and mixed wild mushrooms
As you can see from the pictures, it's is a delicious pasta dish that we will be having again!

Last night it was Botham Bugers

They were massive and neither of us could finish it! But delicious!

Tomorrow night it's my turn. A has picked the recipe I just have to cook it...I'll let you know how it goes!

Ho Hum!

Just another Saturday...a bit ho hum...went shopping this morning for nothing special. A got some wine though 6 bottles for about $65 so not too bad...shame I don't really like wine though! He will have to drink it all by himself!

Took some video of Jester day today...he does this really great trick of fetching his new ball and running and jumping into his bed where you can take the ball off him and do it all over again. Very funny when he is starting to get tired as he doesn't make it into the bed the first go...or out of it..... more of a nose plant into the cement! Of course he didn't do it very well when I had the camera out so I will have to try again later. Thought I'd put another picture of him in just cause he is getting so big already he is 11 weeks on Tuesday so I will have to make some inquiries about his twelve week booster shots.

Slack and Lazy!!

I'm being very slack and lazy lately....must step up the pace. The school holidays are nearly here and then it will be full on for the month of October....visitors, a wedding and travel.

Haven't done much sewing lately...haven't really felt like it. (Oh no shock horror!!) Need to buy some purple material to finish C's quilt and I really need to finish my cross stich!!

That hasn't stopped me from buying a few magazines and making plans to start another quilt! HEHEHEHE A says I have to wait til my 'Roadworks' quilt is finished. It will be another month til I get my last block and then I think I'm about 4 blocks behind...will have to get cracking!! I added a picture of the first block for the roadworks quilt...a dump truck! There are lots of other roadwork type things on this stop signs and witches hats and cement mixers and bulldozers and the like...very cute when it is all finished cause I can add reflective tape in the shashings to really se…

Jester's Big Day

What a big day for a little dog!! Jester had a good night's sleep with no crying (not that we heard) and was up early to greet us at the door this morning. I think he has finally mastered the stairs, although he still hesitates going down. He had a bath, in a bucket, in the laundry sink and seemed to enjoy it. (Nikita also had a bath today, although her's was not as enjoyable for either of us). He started to get the shakes after a while and was soon dried off and back to his fluffy self!

A found a hole dug in the garden today!!! Jester has been told NO!! so i hope he doesn't do any more. He was chewing my runners yesterday, got told NO! and he hasn't touched them today....maybe he is a fast learner!!!! GREAT!!!!

We also went and visited the neighbours today. S and C though he was very cute, although S (9 years old) was scared that he would nip her. She gave him a tennis ball to take home with him. He loves to chase it and will sometimes bring it back to you although he …

Jester is HERE!!!

Our new doggy arrived home today!!! He is one cute pup!! Already had a few chuckles at his expense!! He was drinking out of the water bucket and tried to get past it but put his entire leg into the bucket!! Very cute and funny. I also tried to call him up the steps and he came up the first one and went through the gap between the stairs and then nearly got stuck when he came back around and crawled under the bottom step...Nikita is not impressed though......she could smell the dog on us and has been a bit skitty....we will introduce them this afternoon...should be interesting. Need to go and smack Niki now as she is clawing at the screen door....arrrgggggghh!!

Miss C's Fairy Quilt

This is Miss C's quilt. Way too cute!! Need to add borders and her name and then back it and quilt it!! Think I'll go and buy some more fairies just in case we have a girl one day!!

This is my second 'Fairy Quilt' I have also made one for a sick little girl whoes Mum I meet through EB. Helen has started to add the borders and then Sarah will quilt it for us. Hopefull it will be all finished soon as T'keyah is not feeling well again and may be back in hospital again! :(

Had a pretty uneventful day. Did a half day at work...still feels like a full day cause the kids are such hard work at the moment!! Lots to do and the calendar is filling up!! It's already the end of AUGUST!!!! Where did the year go???


Accidently backed the blue car into the white car yesterday (Sunday) our drive way! OPPS!!! It has left a little dent in the back of the bumper....DH not happy!!


I have finished the quilt top for M's baby....Now I just have to 'sandwich' it and quilt it!!

M's Baby Quilt Progress

Just quickly adding this photo for Helen.....This is the quilt I have been working on for M and M's new baby.....Due in about 3 or 4 weeks.....must ring her soon...time has flown by. Hopefully it will be finished and ready to take to Brisbane when I visit in October! This is the hardest quilt I've ever attempted and if I knew it was going to be this tricky than I probably wouldn't have started it!! Glad I did though cause now I can sew sqaures on point like this much better!


Jester has been delivered to Dad and now the wait til he is old enough to fly begins....hopefully we can cheat by a few days cause he's such a big boy!! K took this photo on her phone for us.....can't wait to meet him. Dad and K have told us he's such a good boy!! He has been following them around the house and playing games...he does a wee when you take him outside....I think he is going to be a very loyal dog. And he is just too cute...he is really starting to look like a Border Collie....can't wait to teach him to fetch!!

Real Family!!

Good Evening!!

Thought I'd be good and add to my new blog...very exciting!! Having visitors over tonight but they don't arrive til 10:30pm!! My MIL and future-step-FIL (getting married in October) and Nana-in-law will be visiting tonight... DH cooks good food when they visit....he likes cooking special dishes for guests and he's good at it!! Last time was Pumpkin Risoto...YUM!!!! I'll post some pics next time he cooks!!

Sis-in-law is also visitng tonight...filling me in on her life, and love life, over the last few her flatmates some room to 'entertain' each other. Good to catch up on her 'new boyfriend'. They've been toghether a while but now it's offical!! Ummm.... make that 6mths before they worked it out!! It's a good thing though...I think they are good for each other. She's just found out his mother has know about them since April, whereas she was keeping the secret and thought no-one knew! Especially his parents!!

Have …

First Entry YEAH!!

Thought I'd start my first post by introducing part of my 'family'. This little devil is my cat Nikita. And YES she drinks out of the toilet like a dog!! We have to keep the lid down. I think she just likes to play in the she also loves the shower!

We will be adding to our little family very soon.....Jester will be here next week some time....I've been very worried lately about dog-napping. He will be just so little and cute...hard to resist. I will have to get DH to invest in a better latch for the gates (as the wind was blowing them open yesterday)!