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WIP Wednesday

Busy week this week! 3 things to report on tonight!

First up is this cute little outfit for my boy!
I've had the shorts finished for a while now but the shirt didn't get done til this week...pity it is too cold to wear just a shirt and in a size 0 he will most likely be grown out of it before he gets too much wear out of it! I'm not sure if the pants are longs that are now too short or shorts that are too long! Very hard to capture a moving baby!

And because it has been so cold and there is no heating in my sewing room for night sewing and the light is terrible anyway I've been doing lots of this...and by lots I mean lots! Although you wouldn't guess how long this seemingly tiny bit of stitching has taken me!
This is what it looked like on the 17th of October 2009
This is what it looked like 26th of June 2010...with Aden playing peek-a-boo!
and this is what I have added in the last week
a crocodile, a hippo and a gorilla!

And I've been quilting too! After a house ins…

Aden's quilt!

We loved our, I mean Aden's, quilt when it first arrived and we still love it!
Look how much my baby boy has grown!
1 month - 4.71kgs 56cms
2 months - 5.37kgs 61cms
3 months - 5.67 63cms
4 months - 5.36kgs 66cms
5 months - 6.2kgs 68cms
6 months - 7.3kgs 69cms
7 months - 8kgs 72cms
8 months - 8.06kgs 74cms
9 months - 8.4kgs 74cms
10 months - 9.44kgs 75cms
11 months - 9.62kgs 75cms
12 months - 9.77kgs 77.5cms

Giveaway time again!

First off is some Itti Bitti Nappies...
Please don't enter as I want to win the trial pack (2 nappies) but if you must here is the link
The new colours are arriving this week!
Bubblegum, Silver and Navy

Here is Aden in his new Large Peppermint Bitti D'Lish Snap In One
Cute Fluffy Bum!!

Becky is also having a give away...some beautiful patterns with some soap and a handmade dishcloth.. The link to her give away is here...but checkout her other sewing at her blog Becky et al

And Bec Clarke Creations is having a giveaway too!! A whole 'Cake layer' or money at her Etsy shop if you'd prefer! What a generous offer thanks Bec! Link to the giveaway is here!


Aden had just the best time at his party! I expected him to be a little overwhelmed with it all but he took it all in his stride and was a wonderful little boy as usual! Our 'Ocean' theme was a total hit! My sisters did the decorations and helped with the cake. My Mum and Step-Mum helped with the food and kept people fed and I flitted around enjoying all of our friends and family and of course watching my little boy enjoy himself! These are just a few of the over 1000 photos that got taken...there are more on Facebook if you are family and friends!
'King Neptune' party crowns!
Mummy's cake creation!

Yum Cake!
Scout from Mummy and Daddy
Totally Spoilt!!!!
Not sure how I'm going to top that next year...I don't think I will try!