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One of Four

Here is one of the four striped panel for my tree skirt...the other 3 look very similar! Only took me about two now I need to decide on the picuters for the other panels...

Christmas Sewing

I've started my christmas sewing...there are other things I want to make but I went to Spotlight today and the was nothing (practically nothing) christmas-y there! Lots of panels but no red/blue/purple/sliver prints...I did find form green so it was lucky that I had some reds form a few years ago...I was going to make some presents but they will all have to be on hold til next year.

I did however start a christmas tree skirt...(for my put it around the bottom of the tree to hide the stand thingy...before the presents get there) Seen as Christmas will be quiet this year and not many presents to put under the tree I though I would dress it up a little....I'm using the foundation piecing method as it is quick and easy....that said I might not finish it in time.... There are 8 panels...4 striped and 4 plain (the white material) which i will add some applique to...not sure what yet...I did think maybe a tree but seen as it is going under the tree I think something else…


I have just spent more than 10 minutes picking up dog poo....the joys of having a puppy!!

Jester has been having a fine time playing in the hose and sprinkler this morning...then he rolled in the dirt!!

A picture of Noodle she doesn't feel left out!

Luke's Quilt

I finished sewing Luke's quilt top together this I think it needs something else....I'm thinking a top and bottom blue??? But will that make to quilt too long and skinny....maybe I need border on all sides??? blue, one orange, one yellow, one green?????
I think I'll quilt it with a square spiral patterern like this... like a square snail shell pattern......hhhhmmm...thinking thinking........

Gender Issues??

Took Jester for a walk to the dog park today and saw 3 Border was chocolate and white like Jester...She was 6 months old...named Emma...SHE TRIED TO HUMP HIM!!!...Do dogs have gender issues???


I'm very tired today....had a sleepover last night with 24 school children...going to bed late, numerous toilet trips, early rising and a hard floor don't make for the best nights sleep...I think I got about 3 hrs in total!

The kids were good behaviour issues...just very to see the reef at night, the turtles....and the sharks....and the coral....and the rays... and the clownfish.....and the crabs....and the trigger fish...and the travelly...and the butterfly fish...and the sea cucumbers...and get the idea! Took some great photos this morning of the reef as the sun was filtering in. I loved the little yellow one..he (or she) seemed to be playing games as every time I got up to the glass to take a pic it would dart behind the wall where I couldn't see it...then I would take a photo of another fish and the camera wouldn't be ready when he came back...I did manage to get some great shots though...I've put them on my screen saver...s…

New Quilting Project??

I'm thinking of starting this as my next quilting project??? What do you think? they are wall hangings?? Not sure if I have room to put them in this house...but will have moved by the time I finish them ...I'm sure of it! ( not for at least 12 months...if you were wondering!)

Bee please leave comments!!

Our Grandchildren - Cross Stitch

This will be for Nana G when I eventually finish it!!

Loooong Days!

I've had lots of looong days lately....such a busy time of year with end of term stuff as well this year flying back and forth to see A....can't be helped and so it gets done....I know it will all gets done....I keep repeating to myself....Give it to a busy person and it will get done....came true today....actually last week when I had a survey to fill out for work....I asked Lyn did I get picked to do it randomly..."Yes it was 'random'" she said "so I gave it to you cause I knew it would get done!!" point exactly...

Going to spend a bit of time in Airports....wish I could do my hand sewing or cross stitching while I wait....but scissors allowed!! I really need to finish Nana's 'Grandchildren Garden''s taking longer than I thought....I won't tell you how long too embarrassing... Guess I'll have to start my new book....Just finished 'The Tenth Circle' by Jodi Picoult...didn't enjoy it as much as …