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5 months

Aden now reaches out for things...including his Mummy! He can sit unaided for up to 10 seconds at a time before falling sideways or face planting! He can pull his knees up under himself and almost makes it into a proper crawling position...but looses his balance and falls before he gets anywhere...we think he is pretty clever anyway!

Look how much my little one is growing!! He now weighs 6.2 kgs, adding 900 grams this month! Starting solids will do that! He loves them! I was hoping it would make a difference to his getting more of it for both of us but that hasn't happened yet...we are still slowing getting back into a more regular routine after moving house!

First solids....Apples

Teeth!! Yep 2 of them at just over 4 months. He has bitten me only once so far and boy does that hurt!! I found the first one while he was having a bath on Wednesday the 8th of December and by Sunday the other one had come through too!

And of course he was spoilt for his first Christmas! It wa…
Merry Christmas!!

Girly Romance

Finished just in time...The baby is due in 4 days and we are going to visit tonight! I'm not totally fussed on this quilt, but the fabric is cute and I'm really gald I got the chance to FMQ an all-over stipple. There is definately room for improvement but I'm really happy with how it turned out. Next time I won't quilt as close together (using less thread, this has over 500 metres in it!!) and it won't make the quilt as stiff or as 'wrinkly' looking. I think it will work well for a baby cot or floor quilt though. The close quilting will make it more 'wash proof' from all the mess babies can make!


I think Aden and I are both winners with this one...look how cute he is in his new Christmas Playsuit that I won from Emma!!
It is a perfect fit for him and beautifully made too!

More Summer Hats

I gave the last Summer Hat I made away, to the only girl in our Mothers didn't fit Aden and was a bit to girly for him...heheheheh. But now I feel a bit bad for the boys in Mother's Group as they didn't get anything, (and they gave me a lovely going away present) so first up on the sewing list for the new year is some more of these hats.
They are easy to make, don't take much time and look good when they are finished...although there is a few wrinkles in one of these hats that I'm not too happy about but I have no time left to make another one.....7 days til moving day!...hopefully the hat wearer won't mind!