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New Dresses for a special occasion.

How sweet does my niece look!

The dress was a lovely fit and perfect length (it is a size 2T with a size 4 length). Her mum was happy with the finished dress. I found the perfect shoes the day before for a bargain $14 and we found a headband that was also a perfect match the morning of the wedding! She didn't wear the ribbon I made but I'm sure she will another time as she has a little bit of growing room. 

My handsome son in his 'handsome clothes'
He was wonderfully well behaved throughout the entire wedding and reception. So proud of my little man!

Picking up the flower petals with Bailey after the ceremony to throw at Milla!

So glad I made the little bloomers for her too. Again a perfect match in colour.

And I managed to finish my dress in time too! I wasn't sold on the fabric while I was making it but it looks ok. This fabric is quite a bit stiffer than the first version of this dress and I'm not 100% happy with the way the pleats sit over my tummy …

Peaches and Cream Abby Dress

After successfully making a practice of the Abby Dress for my niece a few weeks ago. It was time for the real thing!

WORST fabric in the world to work with but it turned out quite cute don't ya think!?!?

The lining fabric was super thin and the lace rather stiff. I won't tell you all the parts that aren't quite right I'm sure you can notice them for yourselves.  I decided to close the back with a ribbon this time. ( and I actually have the neck the right way this time!) and it sits lovely and flat and pretty. I had to hand stitch the facings down with super tiny stitches. And because of the thin lining and lace I'm super worried that it might be a little see-through so to save my nieces modesty I made a little pair of bloomers to cover her nappy. And what 18-month-old is a perfect little lady and keeps her dress down....certainly not this one! There is also a peach hair ribbon/head band as per the original inspiration photo So there you have it one wedding out…

Amazing Fit Dress ....Easter Challenge

It took a little longer than I hoped, school-holiday sickness interrupted my sewing time, but it is finished. And it fits!
I had a little bit of trouble with the zipper but it sits flat and straight.
There are no adjustments in the bodice, a little give room around the hips, thighs and armholes - all my favourite parts of my body... NOT, and no length changes just a small hem.

Please excuse the sun squint face!

Hubby says it looks good and that is good enough for me. I'm keen to make a few more now in the other fabrics I have picked.....or maybe something from the stash now I know it fits so well.

I also finished a few pieces for my nieces 2nd birthday in a few weeks.

A half size version of the 241 Tote by Noodlehead - owls and a sprinkle of Fairy Frost (butterflies on the inside)

And a pink elephant skirt

And of course the boy had to get in on the action.... I don't mind he is rather cute!

SYST - outgoing 12 FQ's

Bailey's Roadworks Quilt

Today my hamdsome nephew turns 3! Happy Birthday Bailey!

I finished this last month but waited til today to blog it. Bailey loves things that have wheels, make lots of noise and anything to do with dirt!

So the Roadworks quilt seemed like the prefect 3rd birthday present. He will be here in a few weeks time for me to give it to him. Aden thinks any quilt I finish belongs to him, but he is happy to let Baily have this one, only cause he loves his cousin so much!

A prefectly matched print from Michael Miller for the backing! SYST - outgoing 21 FQ's