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12 WIP's in 2012

Have you got a quilt top that needs backing and binding? A pile of half-finished blocks? A Table Runner that needs quilting? Some Quilting Bee blocks that require putting together? A husband that thinks you have too many projects on the go at once?
Got a pile of WIP’s you’d like to see finished?
I say YES to all of the above and if you do too why not join me on a 12 WIP’s in 2012 challenge!
Starting in January you can challenge yourself to finish 1 WIP a month.
Here are the rules:
1.     At least 6 of the projects must be projects already started (genuine Works-in-progress) ie blocks that need to be made into a quilt, or a cushion that needs backing and a zip, or a table runner that needs quilting, or a quilt top that needs batting/backing/binding
2.     The other 6 projects can be using fabrics that you bought for a specific purpose or a pattern that you bought but have never used yet or even ideas or a pattern that you have drawn up yourself but not yet started (so essentially ‘old’ proj…

Hanging of the quilts

There are a thousand other things on today's 'to do' list but I just had to hang these.

There is a nice little space to the left of the photo for another wall hanging....yes?? Any sugesstions?

This special quilt went up in my sewing room too! I won't show you the whole room as that was on the list today....and well....must get done tonight or my sister will have nowhere to sleep over Christmas if it doesn't!

 Looks perfect next to last years quilt.

And above my local art from Tassie that I brought back from when we visited earlier in the year.

I just couldn't resist this little canvas from a local artist which I found in the Huon Valley Apple and Heritage Museum. Hubby wasn't to happy carrying it around with us (as I found on our second day) but it isn't very big and it travelled well and I knew it would look great in my sewing room.

The trees down the bottom are made of paper and I just love the textures in the work...and the memories it brings of our…

Holiday Sewing...

There has been a little bit of holiday sewing here...just some simple stuff to start with but hoping to get heaps more done before the days run out!

There were 2 pairs of these....
Shark Shorts! Much loved and requested everyday this week...lucky there were 2 pairs to keep up with demand! Perfect for watering the plants...
or Mummy whatever you hit first! And don't ask Aden to water the strawberries....he lines up the little almost ready to eat fruit and gives it a healthy dose blast of wonder there are none to pick!

Milla's Santa Sack

Last year Bailey and Aden both had their 'Santa Sacks' filled as they were both such good boys!
Milla has joined them this year on the 'good' list so needed one too!

I've been totally slack in finishing it off and hopefully it will arrive at her house before Santa does!
I'm not totally happy with it....I wanted something more 'cute' and 'girly' but I guess she wont be a little girl for ever.....and this was the best I could find in my Christmas magazines. I hope her Mum likes it!

I do like her gold thread halo and wings....although it was a PITA to stitch!

Christmas PJ's

Last year I started a new tradition for Aden and his cousin....macthing Christmas PJ's!  Here they are from 2010...I cheat and only make the shorts and buy matching shirts.

This year Bailey has a little sister so I made some for her too.
And here is my cheeky little elf modelling them!

Dinosaur Roaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!!

Thanks Helen! Aden and I both love the little dinosaur that arrived in the mail last week! We have picked the perfect spot for it to hang in his room above his draws.

Before I could hang it, Aden gave it a little trial as a blanket for Baby Taxi!
The yellow on his face is left over face paint! He made the cutest tiger ever! Photo soon....after I get them off Nana!

Doll Quilt Delivered!

Unfornuatley Car had to wait a little bit longer for her doll quilt. I was planning on visiting a friend who lives near her and thought it would be fun to just pop in and hand deliver it....but alas the best laid plans often go wrong and so when the 2nd attempt at visiting was again postponed I had to pop it in the mail. Well Done to Australia Post who took less that 24hrs door-to-door!

It was very quick to finish once I had an idea in my head. That part took a long time! Car likes whimiscle things like fairies and mushrooms...they are usually not my cup of tea, but by the time this little quilt was finished it had grown on me quite a bit and it was hard to let go.

I'm very please with my stitching and I hope Car will enjoy having it on her wall. And one day I might just still pop in for a look.


I can find things again!
Thanks for checking on me Sammyjo


I didn't realise how many blogs out there are all about organising your home/kitchen/junk/clutter! I stumbled onto this site showing 52 weeks of organising and stupidly showed my husband! He thinks it is great and to please him and to stop the 'stuff' invading my house, I'm going to give it a go.

It is hard to know where to start when you are a horder, love 'keepsakes' can't bear to part with anything Aden has created, and have a dozen 'hobbies'.

I'm going to start in the pantry. I few weeks ago I bought over $1000 of Tupperware. It has all been washed and dried and is ready to go.

Here is what my pantry looked like a few weeks ago when I decided something must be done about it.
We've been super lazy on the cooking front and I think this mess has something to do with it....can't find anything!

I'll show you in a few hours what my pantry now looks like....when I finish it....come looking for me if I don't make it back.....

WIP Wednesday

Well really I did and I'm very pleased with it! I've finally been into the sewing room again. Yeah me!

Aden loves to play with his Matchbox cars...takes them to the shops, driving in the car, Nana's house and even to bed! He also likes to (like most little kids) put things in things and carry them around.

So I've added this to his Christmas presents...... a car bag for all those cars!

I'm soooo tempted to give it to him now as I know how much he will love it!
Cousin Bailey will get one too and it was so super easy to make I think I'll make one for the 'Little People Navitiy' to live in too....when not being played with of course!

The fantastic tutorial for this big is found here on In Color Order. My new favourite blog I think!

I can see endless uses for a drawstring bag of this size....what would be put in it?
and then..... 2009

EB Doll Quilt Swap #5

OMG!! How fantastic is this cute little quilt that Nicole made me!
I love the symmetry of the fabrics. I love the simplicity. I love the white 'space'. I love the yellow square for the sun. I love the blue 'sky' and the green 'grass'. I love the blue bird. I love the orange flags. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Thanks Nicole!

Sorry about the wrinkles....I couldn't wait to get it photographed and show you all how stunning it is!

Santa Photo

"I would like a Fire Truck  please Santa"

Trimming the tree....

Christmas will be so much fun this year!