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Milla's Quilt Backing....

It almost took the same amount of time to make the backing as it did the front...not really what I was hoping it would look like....I think the pieces are too big...but with limited time and fabrics....this will do just fine!

Boy # 4

My beautiful friend had boy number 4 yesterday afternoon. Welcome little Sebastian Bede! They are such a wonderful family. I have already started his quilt and I have 6 weeks left to finish it. All 3 of his brothers were given quilts at 6 weeks and this sweetheart will definitely have his then too!

Around the Block 2

It is probably bad manners to leave the organisers blocks til last, but it wasn't intentional. I had all the enveloped stacked up and just worked through the pile as I found an hour here or there.

(Sorry about the photo quailty - these were taken quickly this morning before posting as we were running late for swimming lessons!)
Sheridan's blocks are on their way home now. I had it in my head that I had til September to finish these blocks. I did! The 1st of September not the end as I had thought. So I'm posting them off 6 days late...but not too bad as I have finished all the blocks and am 6th (out of 11) to finish.

I have only received 5 of my blocks back so far....which is a little disappointing to see....maybe my block was too hard??
I liked the thought of trying something new in things like this and I'm sure I wouldn't have even attempted most of these blocks had I not done it in this bee.

They were all fun to make though and I like playing with all of the di…

Around the Block 2

After playing with the pinwheels for Milla's quilt I decided to make them again for this block quilting bee.
The bold prints spots and stripes will make a great quilt for Louise's little boy Harry. She asked for 'spinning' 'sparkling' blocks....hope these fit the bill!
And how cute are those little cars!

1 more blocks to show you...tomorrow...

Happy Father's Day!

Daddy and Aden spent the morning playing trains!

Thanks for being a great daddy!

We love you!

Beach time!

This boy loves the beach....pity we don't live a bit closer to it. It was overcast and very windy and much too cold for swimming but he loved playing kick and building he could jump on them!

He did get in trouble for kicking the sand but the photo was too good not to share...!