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I'm in Love!!

I went shopping with MIL on she knows why it takes me so long to shop in Spotlight...I am totally in love with this fabric....I'm still wondering if I got enough to make a quilt for our room...I'm hoping it is 20% off still next week....I might decide to get some more!

The browns in this one looke purple-y put they are the same chocolate brown as the one in the middle.

I was so was out of my comfort zone shopping for these fabrics...I had to make myself stop looking at the 'brights' to find these

They are so not my usual style....I'm very much liking them I just have to find the right quilt pattern ....

This is one DH liked cause it looks like a shark...I can see what he means!!


This is what I have spent all weekend working on!! I know it is early now...that's cause I was still working on it!! Had to get up this morning and finish off pinning the last little bit so that I could move it off the ironing board for DH.

I not overly happy with it...There are some major errors!! I will never add to an already quilted quilt ever again....only that Mum asked is the reason for doing it! and I know how she likes to have things right....well never again...I'll make a whole new quilt!!I had only just enough material that I bought extra and still have none left over for pillowcases....yes that is the next piece of the saga....matching pillows....large square ones...and no pattern to follow...I will have to make something up....

I was debating whether to take it back to the professional quilter to finishing of quilting the extra borders....but I'm too embarrassed by the all the I will have to do it my self....thank goodness it will only be on the ed…


I've finished the invites here they are before I popped them in the mail!!
I hope Mum likes them...

903 and counting...

I've finally had some time to work on more hexagons....oranges and reds....cause I cut some of my raggedy edge blocks too small....opps!!

Almost Done!

I finished the binding on Bernadette's quilt tonight....only need to add the lable in the morning and then give it to her on Monday...I really hope she likes it!

These pictures were taken in my dark living room tonight as I couldn't wait til morning to post them...but you get the idea!!
It was started on the 28th of February 2007 so almost 5 months from cutting to binding! not too bad I say!!

Invite progress!

This is what my dinning room table looks like at the moment!!
I nice big busy mess...I'm nearly done all of them only a few to reprint...cause one I chopped clean in half...not watching what I was doing...opps!! I like them but not totally happy I think something is missing.... but what???

Beach Trip!!

Jester went to the beach today....It was quite funny seeing him trying to avoid the running away and then eventually jumping over them! I took a ball and threw it twice the length of the backyard and most of the time he brought it back....a few times he didn't see it flying over his head. He got very sandy, wet and hopefully tired enough not to need a walk this afternoon!!

Happy Birthday to....

My Mother-in-law....the most unsterotypical 'mother-in-law' I know!!

Wedding Invites Update

Well I have all the information I need...I have the paper (Mum chose a dark purple/eggplant colour)....She has chosen the Second example I made for her...and has drawn a little motif to add to the bottom on the I just have to make them...hopefully this weekend!

Boo Hoo!!

Holidays are over....:( boo hoo!!! (no seriousley I am crying!!) Why do they seam to go so fast and then pretend like they never happened....I'm hoping to get back into the sewing this week too... I have a sandwich to quilt

More Red Blocks

More red blocks...

More red blocks....I wonder how much of the actual block you will see when the edges are raggedy...they are currently 4 inches square...?? I've run out of red in my stash so this will have to be it for now...I will have to wait til the next 'extra' cash we have to get some more material...:(

Laini's Fairy

I've finished Laini's Fairy but not sure I like just doesn't seem right. I think I will hand quilt the next one...this one has flower outlines and it doesn't seem right....maybe it's the colours?? I think it is the face...??? I don't like the eyes....oh so many things to fix for next time...!!

More blocks...

I've done more red blocks instead of doing other things around the house...opps....I will have to start sewing them soon as I've nearly run out of pins!

Sew Along - Raggedy Edges Quilt

Inspired by Helen and her step-by-step instructions for making this Raggedy Edges Quilt and the stack of leftover 4" red blocks from another quilt I've decided to join in! Here is what I have so far....

Happy Birthday to


My puppy dog is 1 year old today!! He got a blue chewy toy and a meat/bone chewy treat thing..YUM!! We took these pictures of him his party hat...DH wouldn't let me have a party for him...spoil sport!!

Congratulations to

Daniel Dzufer who played his first senior game of AFL for the Brisbane Lions last weekend against Port Adelaide... Daniel is a family friend who I used to babysit when he was a kid. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the game we were camping without power. Well Done Daniel...(even though they lost)...hope to see lots more of you on the field!

One quilt Sandwich!!

I have a very long list of things I want to get done these holidays..and with the days becoming fewer I'm glad to say I've done one thing on that list! I've sandwiched Bernadette's Blue Quilt...I think I'm going to name it 'Tropical Blues' Other ideas are 'Tropical Fun' 'Blues for Bernadette' ....your suggestions????

Bernadette has been a bit blue lately so I'm hoping this will cheer her up! I hope it won't take me too long to quilt....I'm thinking 'in-the-ditch' following along the twists and turns in the centre block...a bit like cracked glass...IYKWIM....and then just down the straight lines in the blue pieced border...nothing in the green borders....

Driving around

I've been driving around for the last few days...well DH actually does the driving...

We drove West to dig for dinosaur fossils...and found lots of bone fragments but nothing great. We camped in the freezing weather...thanks to Deb for her -20 sleeping bag I wasn't cold....thank goodness that it didn't rain!! It was nice and relaxing except for the 30 something screaming school kids I went with. I think they all had a good time...and some even stayed for an extra night!

And then after we ended up here for the night after a drive south...
Dad was visiting so we drove down to meet him and had dinner and spent the the night in their third floor room with a fantastic view....but now it is back to reality...with 8 loads of washing!!