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{Bee Block } X and +

How cute are these blocks. I didn't think I'd like them but once they were together I can see how lovely a scrappy quilt would be.

I'll show you my bee block next!

{Quilt camp} 2018

Sewing and book reading friends are the best!

Despite the mommoth effort around organising things on the work and home front, heading away for the long weekend for our annual 'quilt camp' comes at exactly the right time each year.

I loved having a road trip buddy this year. It gave us 4 hours of extra chatting time!

I always leave feeling refreshed and not quite so overwhelmed with the long list of tasks that need finishing before the year is out.

This year we added a book club element. We  posted books amongst ourselves before camp so that we could discuss them together. And boy was the discussion rich. It is nice to have your opinion heard in a valid and respectful way, dispite not always agreeing on what constitutes a 'good' book.

We've picked our dates for next year... now to find the perfect book to swap!