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Pink play quilt

Not a WIP quilt but still a finish in this house! Only sneek peeks at this stage til it gets delivered.

{27 hours} Productivity

I've had a very productive weekend so far! In the last 27 hours I've managed to get a whole lot of quilting done....let me show you!

9pm on Friday night  - I made 1 lot of pink binding and attached it to a quilted top and attached a second lot of  stripe binding( that was already made) onto the 'Spot' quilt. I was really happy with trying something new for the quilting on this quilt a few weeks back. Most of it is pretty plain but this is what I can up with on the border...

Continuous quilting in square spirals....I'm really happy with how they turned out despite a few wobbles!

I've gotten heaps better at controlling the flow of the fabric underneath the needle and I'm keen to try some more continuous quilting soon.

10pm  - So keen in fact that I jumped straight onto quilting this 'Dr.Suess' quilt. Aden picked out the yellow fabric (despite me trying to steer him towards the blue!) With some blue and red from my stash and some quick cut squares we…

Finished WIP's for April

What have you been working on this month? Is it all going to plan for you??

Add you finished projects here and don't forget to post me a FQ of lovely fabric to add to the end of year prize if you haven't already!

Linky closes on the 6th of May.

Trying again with knitting....

I can knit...I'm just not very good at it...and VERY slow too! And I could only work out how to knit plain stitches...purl stitches had me very confused!
But yesterday while Mum was here I gave it another go and this time I think I have worked it out!

I'm trying the Child's Square Hat in 8ply. The casting on was super slow to start with, but then I started getting better.

I knitted  one half of this hat last night and cast off this now to start the other half and then I have to work out how to stitch the 2 together!

I'll be on the look out for other easy kint/purl small knitting projects...let me know if you know of any!

The ugly knitting needle holder!

I've been telling mum for ages how easy it would be to make a knitting needle holder, like a crayon roll, to keep all her needles in. She is not a big knitter but has been at it for over 30 years now and so has a collection of needles of all UK, US and metric measurements...with a few odd pairs in there too!

So she came down yesterday to play with Aden for the day...and bought all her knitting stuff and lots of (UGLY) sewing material too. And somehow I ended up sewing her the said holder while she knitted a hat for Aden and he played at out feet.

My Mum is not one to 'waste' anything so she found some ugly (and smelly from storage!) old men's shirting material that she had been given and a piece of plain homespun from my stash and I made this extra big, with lots of pockets, and the needle sizes sewn above each pocket.

Then she decided that the fold over flap wasn't big enough so we have to stash dive again to find something else to add to the top fo…