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28 Weeks

Just got back from an OB's appointment! My glucose test came back fine but my iron levels are a little low so I'll be getting some iron supplements tomorrow...I feel a bit tired but have had a very very busy stressful week at work. Bubs head was down with the feet kicking me in the ribs!! But I already knew that...I have been feeling them for the past few hours. I've had a few bouts of reflux this week too..nothing bad, just annoying. Russell is sticking way out front and sitting up very high!

This week I have also booked the Baby Capsule Hire from the Ambulance...due to be fitted exactly 3 weeks before the due date on the 1st of July.

I also booked into a breast feeding class/information session, run by the ABA.

We have had some very generous friends and family this week...2 parcels for bubs in the mail and one for me and the cross stitch I ordered last week! I've started the cross stitch...Hubby has worked out that it will take me about a stitch a second...which is 1 mm…

27 Weeks

Back at work this week after a lovely week of holidays...that seriously needs to be 2!!

Have been having a bit of trouble sleeping lately....I discovered on Saturday night that I can make my legs and feet very sore from rolling over on to my back while sleeping...Russell and my womb must now be heavy enough to cut off the circulation! It took a few nights but I think I now have it sorted....a small pillow under my back gives me the little bit of elevation I need, I didn't realise it was such a small amount of elevation was needed, only 10 degrees. DH is still using the air-con at night to help him sleep but I think that also is intruppting my sleep as I get too cold...almost time to get out a quilt I think!

I've spent a lot of time over the weekend looking for fabric to make the new things I need for the Nursery in the right colours...all that fabric was making my head spin and i didn't get any closer to finding something we liked...Yes I know after the nappy bag fabric arg…


Quilt Sandwiches x 2!!

Ready for quilting...should take a week or so...a little longer if I actually do some work next week!!

The third quilt needed to have the backing washed...and I ran out of pins so will have to quilt one of these before I can sandwich it!

Helen made me do it!!

Soiree by Lila Tueller from Moda
April Special 20% off from the Fabric Buffet

Jelly Roll - unrolled to make for cheaper postage...

Three of my favourites...

With 2 charm to find a pattern...and a person to make the quilt for!

26 Weeks

The serious countdown has begun!! Less than 100 days to go...we are now into double figures...yeah!!

I love you time to do all the things you'd rather be doing than I have taken full advantage of it!

After a thoroughly relaxing long weekend full of sewing and tidying and eating and general nothingness...we had made some plans for the rest of this week. First was a hair cut, some banking (after doing a scary post-baby budget!!), a few new shirts for DH, rebates at Medicare and then some baby shopping!!

All of which got done as well as a Glucose test for Gestational Diabetes and I think they took some blood to test for anaemia too.

I think we have finally got almost all of the baby requirements...after extensive research and pouring through baby magazines and the Internet I made a few lists and got the bulk of it today...about $650 worth!!

So here is what we have so far....not all of it bought today of course

High Chair - Ikea (gift from Bee)
Breast Pads x 12 wa…

I love...

productive days!!!

Lots done today....
Added the missing row to Samuel's quilt...hand stitch the letters in front of the footy last night...took almost both matches just to do 6 letters!!! Still need to add borders.... hopefully tomorrow....

Went to Spotlight for flannel material and Bunnings to get storage boxes and dowel....hung the quilts on the wall! Been meaning to to this for ages...

Tided the sewing shelves...fondled the fabrics and tried to find room for the extra fabrics that have been appearing at my the 'notions' and found a few things I didn't know I had... and noticed a few things were missing...this came about the other day when making nappy bags and I could not find any Taylor's chalk...turns out I didn't own any (I do now!!)...

Cooked dinner...Lamb Shanks!! No pictures they were a bit dry looking but tasted delicious!

Sorted out some patterns.....found some maternity ones to make some elastic waisted pants....made sure all the pieces…

Take Two!!

After seeing my new Nappy bag on my blog...I had a request from my cousin to make her one replace the one she bought 6 months ago that is already falling apart...I hope mine lasts a bit longer than that!!

I sent her dozens of photos of fabric choices from my stash and she picked two that she liked.

I cut out half of the pattern pieces last night and the rest this morning while DH cooked me pancakes for breakfast. YUM!!!

Then over the course of the day....getting up often to stretch my tummy/back so that it doesn't start hurting...I finished the whole thing!!

I'm really please with the way this one turned out as well. It will be posted on Tuesday.

I've added the velcro to my bag and the clip tag thingy for the keys so it is all done.

Butterick 4560 - Nappy Bag - Adjustments No padding in the lidded outside pocket or change to a elastic pocket
Shorten strap by at least 30 cms
Trim seam after joining outside and lining for less bulk
Attach velcro to inside/lining flap before…

25 Weeks

Other than Russell kicking up a storm (we counted over 30 kicks in the space of a few minutes one night!!) nothing much new is happening here...I have my final (yeah right!!) list for baby shopping over the Easter break and looking forward to the time off...I've had a few uncomfortable hours, especially at night, when my belly literally feels like it is going to pop! usually after eating dinner. A good stretch out on the couch usually fixes it pretty quickly. I had quite a few hours of discomfort while sitting hunched over at the sewing machine on the weekend to make this....(it was worth it)....

Cut out pieces...took most of Friday (I had a sickie...shhhh don't tell)
The outside main bag part almost complete without strap...
Completed bag....well except for the three pieces of velcro I need to attach to the flap/lid....

It was a massive debate as to the colour of the nappy bag and the specific material I had purchased for it of course did not meet the male ("it is too girly…

Stash Sunday

Latest Fabric in the post.
Swirly Cream and Farmers Market for a Baby project. Some ready no longer in the stash...see previous post!
Blue Snowflake material to go with the charms Emma sent me.

Nappy Stacker

Joy has been very generous with lending me baby clothes and patterns....and I failed to make her a gift for Madelyn when she was born (sorry!!) but I have now made this which will hopefully match the furniture and other things, including this quilt, in Maddy's room.

Fully of lovely fluffy nappies!
It is sitting a bit funny in this photo and I worked out why...the fabric covered cardboard to stabilise the bottom was too small...I was going to leave it cause it did look alright...but it got the better of me and I ended up making another one...different fabric though because the piece of Farmers Market that I had left wasn't big enough.

I'm also thinking about adding a small applique to the top of the one Joy used on her clothes hamper....??? Yes?? No??

Here is the Nappy stacker I have made for our nursery...ages ago....but now I have some lovely fluffy nappies in it!

More Progress!!

Finished Star Blocks
Finished Sponge Bob Square Pants Blocks
Joining blocks together....
Top Half
Bottom Half
Blocks with letters on them to go between...haven't made them yet...maybe next weekend. Hopefully this quilt will be finished during the school holidays....only one week to go!