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Fabric Shopping with Friends

Helen and I have been 'friends' for a while now...almost 4.5 years. It was one of those instant friendships where you just hit it off right away. Our problem was that she lives of one side of Australia and I live on the other. Our friendship consisted of late night chats, quilting questions and dilemmas, fabric buys, pregnancy, birth, kids, husbands and life in general....all via the computer. We have heaps and common and very similar tastes.

So when Helen told me she was visiting family on my side of Oz for Christmas I jumped at the chance to meet her....and take her fabric shopping of course! The count down to Helen's visit was even more exciting than counting down to Christmas! Then days suddenly today was the day!

I have to say it was like catching up with an old friend. Despite never having met before it didn't seem to matter. Helen is soooo lovely and great to chat to!

I won't bore you with all the details except to say I (and I think Helen did to!) had a great …

Advent Blog~a~long #23 - Cards

These finally got sealed today...I was waiting on some ink for the printer for our letter that went in them. Hubby said I shouldn't have bothered but I did and I'm glad I did!

Advent Blog~a~long #22 - Lucky Me!

I got my Christmas Present early. Hubby picked this out for me and I love it!

Capturing great underwater shots has never been easier with the launch of Toshiba’s waterproof (up to 2m) and weatherproof CAMILEO™ BW10 Sportscam.

Ideal for snorkelling, sitting beside the pool or snowboarding, the new CAMILEO™ BW10 Sportscam combines the best of a compact camcorder with the toughness of a rugged camcorder
Available today in Australia, the new addition to Toshiba’s CAMILEO™ range of camcorders includes the following features:

- Rubber casing
- Capture of video and digital images in 1080p, full HD resolution
- 10 x digital zoom (still and video)
- 2.0” LCD monitor
- Easy YouTube upload

"The CAMILEO™ BW10 Sportscam is stylish, lightweight and can go anywhere. This fun colourful HD camcorder is water-friendly and weatherproof, so perfect for the holidays, wherever you are,” Robert Wilkinson General Manager, Toshiba Information Systems Division (ISD) said.

Supporting 1080p full HD resolution, …

Advent Blog-a-long #21 - The perfect gift

Are you a giver?? You have the perfect gift!!

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service have launched a massive campaign to get more people to donate blood this Christmas.

Each 'gift' can save the life of 3 is one example.

I have just used the EASY online booking service to make an appointment for my first donation...and I have a horrible fear of if I can you can too!! (Hubby is donating at the same time so I won't be alone!! although it is not his first time)

On a side note I didn't realise so many people can't give blood so take the quiz first and if you can't talk your family and friends into giving blood on your behalf

Advent Blog-a-long #17 - Christmas in the City

We took a trip on the train to the city today.
Aunty B and Aunty H came too. We found some free Christmas crafts for kids in Queen street mall...Mummy 'helped' make Aden a hat. Which he wasn't keen on but oh well.

We looked at the Nutcraker Display in the Myer windows

Aden tried to get in the windows I think!
Then we went up to see Santa and the train ride...Aden was too little for the train and the line was too long for Santa. Then to the food court for lunch
Aden had an embarrassing melt down on the train on the way home...but he is getting better so all is good!

Advent Blog~a~long #16 - Summer Storms

We've just had our 2nd storm in the last few hours...the dog goes crazy at the thunder!
These photos are from this afternoon just before the rain started!

I love a good summer storm...provided it doesn't cause any damage of course!

Advent Blog~a~long #15 - Sickness

Not a very cherry Christmas-y post but that is what we have here at the moment. My little boy has his first real 'sickness' - tonsillitis. Poor boy wants nothing more than laying on Mummy and the occasional sip of water. The doctor has given his some Ab's and said he should start to feel better by Friday...fingers crossed he does. The house looks like a bomb has hit and I can't do much as he cries everytime I put him down or move out of his line of sight. He is sleeping now on me now and I think we are in for a long last night!
It really made me think of all the other kids that will be in hospital over Christmas and how hopeless their parents must feel. All they want is for their little ones to get christmas wish for them

He is on the mend thank goodness...much perky-er today...and naughty this afternoon...the medicine must be doing it's work!

Apparently I'm not the only one that does this...and this is the first time I've done …

Advent Blog~a~long #14 - Friends

I'm so excited!! Not long to go now!! And while I wait for Helen and her family to visit me...I decided to clean up my sewing room a bit...don't want her thinking I have too many WIP's!!
But alas I got sidetracked...again...
I found some left over pink and white squares from this little doll quilt..I thought they looked a bit lonely so I made another doll quilt to add to one of my Christmas presents.

Did I mention I'm excited!!

Advent Blog~a~long #13 - My helper

Not sure these photos need any words....they speak for themselves!!

Advent Blog-a-long #12 - Charity

Every year the In-laws go on a charity Christmas 'Toy Run' with their bike club. People line the local streets and give them toys to donate to The Salvation Army. They popped in to see us before they left. It is the 14th year they have had the toy run and it seems to get bigger every year. We would have gone and had a look but Aden was asleep.
He got a turn on the bikes when they returned.
On Nanna's bike
On Puppa's bike

He wasn't totally keen on the bikes, they are very loud, but we are trying to get him used to them!

We give what we can to charities throughout the year but I'm going to start a tradition with Aden of choosing a gift for the Kmart wishing tree . He is a bit little to do it himself this year so I will help him but as he gets bigger I hope he will understand just how lucky he is and that it isn't like that for everyone at Christmas.

There is also this sweet little boy in need of some Christmas cheer if you have any left to spare.

Advent Blog-a-long #11 - Wrapping

I have spent 1.5 hours wrapping and then ran out of paper!

This is the morning photo...more to wrap from Santa (it just occured to me that I'll have to have different wrapping and tags for Santa next year!!) and a pile of books that I'm deciding to wrap or read...and a list of things still to do/get, not much but it is not over yet!

Advent Blog-a-long #10 - Day Care Christmas Party

We went our first Day Care Christmas party this afternoon...can't say I was impressed with their organisation...or lack there of! Aden seems to be enjoying the day-to-day stuff there and the staff are happy to answer my annoying questions and queries. Hopefully Aden will continue to learn and grow there next year while I'm back at work.
Aden made a fantastic block tower...he likes knocking them down best of all I think
Reading his portfolio
Playing on the 'big kid' equipment while waiting for Santa
Watching Santa arrive on his motorbike...this was as close as Aden would get!
Opening a book from Santa...there were too many kids to get close to Santa...poorly organised in my opinion...but Daddy was there to help.

Advent Blog-a-long #9 - Santa Sacks

The thing I remember most about Christmas from when I was a kid are the 'Santa Sacks' we carefully placed at the end of our beds on Christmas Eve. We each had one with our names on them and Santa would fill them with goodies for us to open on Christmas morning. These were the only things we were allowed to open before breakfast. I don't really remember how old I was when we stopped using them, as I have a younger sister by a few years I assume she used hers after I stopped??, I'd have to ask Mum.
Mine has a second picture on the back

Coincidentally DH had one too as a kid (although he doesn't know where it is now) and so it was definitely something we wanted Aden to have too.

A short trip down memory little and sweet was my boy! (Am I allowed to be clucky about my own little one??)

Aden has his from last year...but I've fixed it up and added some tiny bells. I'm still searching for the tiny buttons Ads gave me for my Noah's quilt but I can't…

Advent Blog~a~long #8 - Stockings

Aden has been busy making decorations to add to our tree.
Blowing Kisses
I cut up his paintings into stockings and added some cotton balls and ribbon...I've traced his footprint onto the to make some more for the Aunties!

Aden also received this lovely stocking from an elderly relative. It is beautifully stitched, quilted and fully lined. And it has a lovely little label inside for his name. Thanks Great-Aunt Betty!

Our Christmas corner

We also went to the local Christmas street carnival? festival? parade?? Not sure what to call it There were lots of local clubs selling raffle tickets for hams and things, some food, a few rides (all to big for Aden to go on) and Santa arrived on a fire truck as we were leaving...Aden was already asleep in the year he might get a little more out of it.
Aden is quite the little dancer...he insisted he get out of the pram when ever he heard some music and was grooving in the street! Here he is watching the local dance …