Advent Blog~a~long #4 - Santa Photo

Aden is not keen on the stranger in the red suit...terrified in fact! Won't go anywhere near him. I didn't think I'd get even close to having a 'Santa photo' this year.
While out at the shops today with a friend, we thought we'd just go by Santa and see what happened.
Of course Aden was not wearing the 'Santa photo' clothes I had in mind for him, he had tomato sauce on his shirt from lunch and still a little bit of blood on his nose from where he had climbed out of the cot that morning and hit his face...but we went anyway.
Santa was great, other than the fact he called me Aden's grandma and my friend standing with the pram his mother! (Nicole is 2 years older than me and 18 weeks pregnant...not cool Santa!!)
There were no other kids waiting and the photographer was very helpful. I sat near Santa on a little stool and Aden refused to remove his head out from underneath my arm....every time Santa moved he would freak out a little and cling on even harder. I we backed off a bit and eventually Aden started to relax and he did manage to give Santa a small wave. Aden was more taken with the small child-sized reindeer from the display. The photographer moved it away from Santa and Aden was soon ready to have a ride. Santa snuck around the back of Aden. THe first lot had the food court and fence int he background but Aden went back for a second ride and we got a photo of Aden with Santa...although not your traditional 'on-the-knee' type one...maybe next year


ingrid said…
Awww, it is a gorgeous pic. Kitty is terrified too so I have bribed my eldest son to go in the pic as well and hold her.
Emma said…
Good work! A little time and flexibility can work wonders!
The Humming Cat said…
Super cute, look at this smile!

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