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$20 Mobile Phone Charger Stand...

What do you think? Saw this on the side of the road yesterday near the local shop. So I bought it....much to my husbands dismay...
Only place to fit it is in our room for now till I re-sort a few things...he is calling it my $20 mobile phone changer stand (the phone usually sits on the floor)

Jumping in Puddles...

Aden had his first 'puddle jumping' experience...just as it was getting dark yesterday. He didn't seem to mind the sprinkling rain and in fact it was hard to get him inside! When I opened the garage door this morning the first thing he said was 'more jumping puddles rain Mum' Unfortunately he only had socks on, fortunately there were no puddle left!

Kellie's Class

WOW It is hard to know where to start telling you about my weekend. I had been booked into Kellie's class for some months and then it snuck up on me rather quick!
DH was working all day Saturday and Aunty Bee offered to have Aden for the night so I could have the whole weekend free.
Kellie from 'Don't Look Now' was super easy to listen to. She was full of great advice and tips and tricks that helped a lot.

It was sad that Rose couldn't make it to sew with me and I was worried that I would have no one to talk to but luckily I sat next to Gillian who was lovely to chat to (Hi Gillian if you found my blog!)

We had a bit of a sharing circle and Kellie shared her 'getting started' story then it was time to really get started.

Choosing fabrics was hard (and to be honest I don't really like the ones I have chosen especially for the green leaves). Kellie kept reminding us that it wasn't about the fabrics so much in this piece but the techniques that we …