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Introducing Aden Henry!

Just some quick snaps to introduce Aden to the world. He was born 24 minutes into the 30 July 2009. He was 53cm long and weighed 4.26kg or 9lb6.

41 Weeks

I maganged to squeeze one more week of pregnancy blogging in....not for want of trying but Russell is being stubborn! After 2.5 years he/she is determined to make me wait just a little longer!

I've spent the day relaxing, watching my Mum clean the house (Thanks Mum!!), making home DVD's to clear out space on the video recorder and quilting! So a nice day all round.

The Doc will induce me tomorrow moring with some gels at I'm hoping for a baby by lunch!

One last pregnancy photo....with the stretch marks that arrived this week!!! EEEKKKKKK!!!!

Weight: 83kg

Still more knitting....

It's been quite a wait....more knitting for Russell!
Cute little fluffy Hat and Booties!

DH practising!

Finished Commission Quilt!

It is amazing what you can get done when you have lots of time to kill. This one is on it's way to Sydney tomorrow for Foz to go with the pastel one I finished about 6 weeks ago...sorry about the wait!

Un-washed with the quilting lines still visible....5-point stars in the white blocks.

More Knitting.....

Russell's first longies! Not any of the pattens I bought specifically to make longies, they were too hard, but this one I think will work just the same!
Patons Book 1269 Style 2 - Classic Pants
Thanks Snoopy....his legs are too long! but he is wearing a nappy underneath!

Quilting Progress...

While we continue to wait....I sew....

Teddy Quilt...just the background, minus the teddy, for the spare cot at Mum's house...Of course she couldn't just use a regular pattern as the cot it is being made for is not a regualr made by my Great-grandfather in the late 70's for my siblings and I to use as babies...and so a very odd shape, long and narrow, so planing and drafting a pattern was called for...Loosely based on the Chocolate Coated 'Sweet Dreams Baby Quilt'

The sashing on a commission ready for sandwiching....

Helen...sashings are 2.5 inch finished...worked perfectly!


To keep Mum busy while she is waiting for the baby to arrive I've lined her up with some knitting (as well as the cleaning and washing etc)...something I have only managed the basics in and fail to go further...although I'd love to learn....I just don't live close enough to my Grandmas!

We attempted a few different soaker (nappy cover) patterns but gave up when neither of us could understand the easy instructions! So it was on to another pattern book to see what we could make with the materials I had at well as a rushed trip to Spotlight!

This is a 'hug-me-tight' - a little jumper type kindly modelled by Snoopy!

40 Weeks

Dear Russell,

Well today is your due date and yet you are still safe and warm in my tummy. We've made it through 40 weeks together. I didn't really expect you to arrive right on time, I suspect you'd like a birthday of your own and not have to share it with your Pa or Aunty Nicole.

Although they say pregnancy can go really quickly yours hasn't, although in a few months of having you here with us it will feel like such a small part of your life. I've cherished everyday that we have had together so far.

I remember exactly where and when it was that I was told that you were on your way and soon to join our family. I took the phone call in the front office at work and it was very difficult to hear the best news in the whole world and not let on to any of the staff standing around me. I wanted your Dad to be the next to hear the news. I rang him as soon as I got back to the classroom. He was just as excited as I was. I only just managed to restrain myself from shouting it…

Quilt Progress

I made the 24 blocks (one still to make) for this quilt over the last two to add sashings...and join it together before Russell comes!



Stash Sunday

I know it is only Friday....but these beauties arrived this week and I wanted to show them in case I go into labour over the weekend!

Prints Charming - Rainbow Garden
Boy fabric for a commissioned quilt
Feature Fabric....70's cars and trees
With binding and Sashings
The brown on the left (from my stash) and the green on the right are not part of the collection...but they work well I think

Girly Fabric....just cause

Pram Quilt

This is a little quilt made from left-over material...A bit girly, I have to make a boy one just in case. This one measure 28" square but is a little wide in the I'd look at making the next one 20-22" x 26-28".
Pictures for Novy.

My photogenic dog...just cause!

More Nappy Stackers!

I made this for Cass who is expecting her first bub just weeks after me. She already knows it will be a girl and has decked out the nursery in a 'princess' theme. So I thought this material rather appropriate! I hope you enjoy your little one when she gets here Cass!

I also have a green ladybird one for sale that I was going to use in my nursery before I changed the theme if anyone is interested....pic here.

39 Weeks

The home stretch!

Most of the family were wishing that I had the baby over the weekend so that they could all be didn't happen!

I've had to take my wedding rings off this week, they were getting too tight and I didn't want them to get stuck and need cutting! Other than the fat feet which continue to get fatter(!) everything else is good and going well.

Cross Stitch progress....doesn't look like I will get it finished...but I tried!

38 Weeks + 5 days

Weight: 80.5kg (+15kgs)

V8 Supercar Weekend

I survived...and still no baby....when we originally bought the tickets here...I thought the due date would be this weekend! The noise was incredible...and Russell loved it...wiggling and kicking through the races and then going to sleep when the noise stopped. All the family were here....Dad and Kate, Mum and Roger, Lyn (MIL) and Mick, Nicole (SIL) and Beau.... and friends. We had a Bam Bam the dog visit for the whole weekend too...Jester loved it!

We had great seats in the front row of the grandstand on the 'hairpin', being able to see about 3 different corners and the entrance to the pits. The toilets, food and drinks were all close by and there was hardly any waiting for any of them. It was clean and well organised.

We had a long wander through the pits on the second day and I then can home for a rest before going back for the main race...I thought I'd get very tired, but surprisingly I didn't and other than fat feet at the end of the day (I think from wearing shoes…