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37 Weeks

I think my belly is really starting to drop this week, even DH noticed it when I gave him a hug good-bye for work this morning.

I had a lovely day to myself today, walking the dog, tidying up around the house, shopping at Spotlight and planning all the things I want to get done before the baby arrives...still a long list...lots of quilts and sewing projects I want to get finished, cleaning and sorting shelves etc.... I wonder if I will get it all done??

The OB's appointment was the same same, BP good, Blood test from last week all good, Baby in the right position, head down a little further. I know I need to go to them just in case but they seem like such a waste of money. Hopefully the Doc gets a midnight call out for the birth so he can earn his money!

I really can't believe we are so close to meeting our little one! I'm not 'over' the pregnancy yet, as most people are suggesting and think I will miss my belly when it is gone. I'm still shocked at how easy it h…

I'm now a housewife!

It is a very strange feeling...not 'working' anymore. People have been telling me that I will still be working...just getting paid less for a more rewarding job!

7 years at the one school, has now come to an end and I start on a whole new way of life. It is very exciting and a little scary at the same time. I think they will miss me...if not all the work I did there but it was nice to leave on a high note and be appreciated for what I did do.

36 Weeks

What a busy week! I think I over did it a little as now I am sick! Only affecting my head not my whole body thank goodness, but a few days off work should fix that and then I only have a few to go!

On Saturday I had my Baby shower, with a few surprise guests! My Mum and little sister Bee surprised me by arriving at lunch time on Saturday just in time to finish preparing for the shower. I had a feeling a few weeks ago that Bee might be coming, but then she stopped talking about it so I didn't think she would, but I didn't think Mum would as she will be back visiting again in just two weeks. I have since found out that a LOT of people knew they were coming and all of them managed to keep the secret. Thank you! It was a wonderful surprise and I was super pleased I got to share the day with both my sisters and mum!

There were also about 20 guests, mostly from work, who tell me they all had a good time. We played silly games and had a good laugh and Russell got super spoilt. Mum bou…

Stash Sunday

Yummy Sorbet by Moda
1 Jelly Roll and 4 Charms squares
Pretty Butterflies
I wasn't sure about this one from the website...but it is much better in real life!
Soiree yards


Thanks Milly!

My cousin's daughter Indiana Fay was born at 27 1/2 weeks last week...and although doing fine she is very tiny at just over 2 pounds. So the lovely Milly sent me a couple of Premie shirts for her to wear in hospital. They are in the post on the way to Rochelle and Eddie. Fingers crossed that Indiana continues to do well.

35 Weeks

My little sister is visiting this week...look what she bought me....DONUTS!! Most people who know me know that I have a weakness for when she was coming from an airport that had a Krispy Kream Donut shop, I of course requested some! YUM!!!
I've finally had to change my eating habits this week...for the first time in ages I haven't been able to finish a full dinner! I even served myself less and still couldn't finish it all...A real shock for me! Russell must be taking up more and more room!!

I finally got DH to put the pram together...I LOVE it!! He took it for a test drive around under the house!! Avoiding the poles and the dog...lucky it has great steering! Then for fun we thought we'd have a practise at putting it in the boot of the only just fits! I think the carrier will be getting more of a workout than we first thought! The pram possibly won't be so easy to manage with a boot full of groceries!

We took Cee and Jason Ten Pin Bowling on Sunda…


I don't usually work with pastels but this commission quilt for Foz just seems to work! I can just imagine a little girl curled up underneath it!
I quilted hearts in the white squares

34 Weeks

Number three of the Ante-natal classes...which again Russell proceded o wiggle and hiccup through!! It was a little more interesting this week. We went through all the procedures and reasons for a c-section (which I am really hoping to avoid) and watched a few short minutes of a few videos of an actual c-sections...without all the gory bits. Then we talked about packing ward, labour and nappy bags to take to the hospital...which I made lists for this weekend and started packing...hard to do though when you are wearing the only clothes that fit and they need to be packed...means I have to keep on top of the washing!! We (well DH!!) had a practise of folding nappies and wrapping a baby. He did a good job on both but came home and decided that he needed to practise on the cat! I don't think she was very impressed!

He was going to try the nappy to...but Nikita wouldn't have a bar of it!

We also went to the OB's this afternoon. He said I am right to work for a few more weeks...1…