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Jester's Big Day

What a big day for a little dog!! Jester had a good night's sleep with no crying (not that we heard) and was up early to greet us at the door this morning. I think he has finally mastered the stairs, although he still hesitates going down. He had a bath, in a bucket, in the laundry sink and seemed to enjoy it. (Nikita also had a bath today, although her's was not as enjoyable for either of us). He started to get the shakes after a while and was soon dried off and back to his fluffy self!

A found a hole dug in the garden today!!! Jester has been told NO!! so i hope he doesn't do any more. He was chewing my runners yesterday, got told NO! and he hasn't touched them today....maybe he is a fast learner!!!! GREAT!!!!

We also went and visited the neighbours today. S and C though he was very cute, although S (9 years old) was scared that he would nip her. She gave him a tennis ball to take home with him. He loves to chase it and will sometimes bring it back to you although he …

Jester is HERE!!!

Our new doggy arrived home today!!! He is one cute pup!! Already had a few chuckles at his expense!! He was drinking out of the water bucket and tried to get past it but put his entire leg into the bucket!! Very cute and funny. I also tried to call him up the steps and he came up the first one and went through the gap between the stairs and then nearly got stuck when he came back around and crawled under the bottom step...Nikita is not impressed though......she could smell the dog on us and has been a bit skitty....we will introduce them this afternoon...should be interesting. Need to go and smack Niki now as she is clawing at the screen door....arrrgggggghh!!

Miss C's Fairy Quilt

This is Miss C's quilt. Way too cute!! Need to add borders and her name and then back it and quilt it!! Think I'll go and buy some more fairies just in case we have a girl one day!!

This is my second 'Fairy Quilt' I have also made one for a sick little girl whoes Mum I meet through EB. Helen has started to add the borders and then Sarah will quilt it for us. Hopefull it will be all finished soon as T'keyah is not feeling well again and may be back in hospital again! :(

Had a pretty uneventful day. Did a half day at work...still feels like a full day cause the kids are such hard work at the moment!! Lots to do and the calendar is filling up!! It's already the end of AUGUST!!!! Where did the year go???


Accidently backed the blue car into the white car yesterday (Sunday) our drive way! OPPS!!! It has left a little dent in the back of the bumper....DH not happy!!


I have finished the quilt top for M's baby....Now I just have to 'sandwich' it and quilt it!!

M's Baby Quilt Progress

Just quickly adding this photo for Helen.....This is the quilt I have been working on for M and M's new baby.....Due in about 3 or 4 weeks.....must ring her soon...time has flown by. Hopefully it will be finished and ready to take to Brisbane when I visit in October! This is the hardest quilt I've ever attempted and if I knew it was going to be this tricky than I probably wouldn't have started it!! Glad I did though cause now I can sew sqaures on point like this much better!


Jester has been delivered to Dad and now the wait til he is old enough to fly begins....hopefully we can cheat by a few days cause he's such a big boy!! K took this photo on her phone for us.....can't wait to meet him. Dad and K have told us he's such a good boy!! He has been following them around the house and playing games...he does a wee when you take him outside....I think he is going to be a very loyal dog. And he is just too cute...he is really starting to look like a Border Collie....can't wait to teach him to fetch!!

Real Family!!

Good Evening!!

Thought I'd be good and add to my new blog...very exciting!! Having visitors over tonight but they don't arrive til 10:30pm!! My MIL and future-step-FIL (getting married in October) and Nana-in-law will be visiting tonight... DH cooks good food when they visit....he likes cooking special dishes for guests and he's good at it!! Last time was Pumpkin Risoto...YUM!!!! I'll post some pics next time he cooks!!

Sis-in-law is also visitng tonight...filling me in on her life, and love life, over the last few her flatmates some room to 'entertain' each other. Good to catch up on her 'new boyfriend'. They've been toghether a while but now it's offical!! Ummm.... make that 6mths before they worked it out!! It's a good thing though...I think they are good for each other. She's just found out his mother has know about them since April, whereas she was keeping the secret and thought no-one knew! Especially his parents!!

Have …

First Entry YEAH!!

Thought I'd start my first post by introducing part of my 'family'. This little devil is my cat Nikita. And YES she drinks out of the toilet like a dog!! We have to keep the lid down. I think she just likes to play in the she also loves the shower!

We will be adding to our little family very soon.....Jester will be here next week some time....I've been very worried lately about dog-napping. He will be just so little and cute...hard to resist. I will have to get DH to invest in a better latch for the gates (as the wind was blowing them open yesterday)!