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I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

It is sooo stinkin' hot here I'd love to feel a little cooler! And we will come close. Very shortly we will be heading North to enjoy the Winter cold! Can't wait!

In the mean time we have had a very sudden change of plans for Christmas day. With a death in the extended family last week, we decided to stay home and attend the funeral today. Whilst death is very sad it is even worse when there is celebrations happening all around you. I'm terrible at funerals, even though I didn't know her very well, and she was a very sick elderly lady, I get very teary. I think too much about others that have passed and how sad/lost/devastated I would feel losing someone very close to me, mainly my beautiful son and husband and then I cry and cry. I wish those closest to Lyn some peace at her very sad passing. Hold your loved ones close this Christmas Eve.

A change of plans meant a change of menu.....and now we are heading to somewhere different....oh what to bring when you're…

Christmas Shorts for Bailey

Boys like things made of fabric too!

Bailey requested (or rather his Mum cause she is sick of washing the same pair of shorts over and over) some more Lightning McQueen shorts ! So Aunty of course happily said yes....8 times!

Here are 3 I finished tonight and there are 5 more waiting for some white cotton to close the elastic hole.

Who runs out of white cotton?!?!?!

A quick trip to SL  tomorrow will get them all finished in time to gift for Christmas!

Christmas Skirts

To go with the shirts I made last week I have also gifted my nieces some skirts! How cute is this fabric!

I have made 6 skirts in total.
2 have been hand delivered as you can see above and are loved and already being worn by my nieces. 2 are in the mail and should arrive tomorrow *fingers crossed* in time to wear for Christmas day. Sadly, the other 2 won't make it to their destination before Christmas. Due to a death in our family we have had to change our travel plans and we won't get to see my other niece and nephew this year. I hoping they will still fit next year though if I take the hems down a little.

Kelly is giving away some fabric if you are quick. Just link up what you have made this week with fabric and you could win!

Christmas Shirts for little girls

How cute and simple are these shirts I made for my nieces! Hubby says they look like a stack of present rather than the 'tree' look that I was going for but it still works. There are sooooo many cute Christmas ideas on Pintrest. What have you made this year?

Last minute Chritmas gifts

These were made last month...and I'm oh so glad I did! They came in very handy for some last minute Christmas gifts.

You can make your own using the same tutorial I did.
And you can have a look at some I made in October.
And Car whipped up one here.

We are counting down the days til Christmas!

It's almost Christmas...

Its been so long I almost don't know where to start!
I lost all of November in a flurry of exams, marking and report cards. It is always rather stressful but thanks to a wonderful teaching partner we got there in the end.

Opening the hard drive and Instagram shows that we did do some other things as well.


Getting hair cuts...

More exams and marking...

A trip to the museum and South Bank with the cousins.


LOTS of backyard cricket!

Hiding from the Summer storms....

Giving Blood...(think about adding it to your Christmas 'to do' list)

Getting ready for some traveling...

There has also been some crafting...I'll be back to show you soon......holidays are almost here!

{BlogtoberFest13-31} Pencil Cases

Okay so I sort of failed big time at BlogtoberFest this year. My post were late and sparse!

But I'm rocking this Totally Pinspired Challenge! This will be my 3rd Pinterest project this month!

It was 'World Teachers Day' last Friday.  I wanted something to give Aden's Kindy teachers. I wanted something quick. I wanted something easy. I wanted something handmade. I wanted something useful. So off to Pinterest I went!

I found these cute little zippered pencil cases. What teacher doesn't need a new pencil case to stash their pens in!

I was super delighted to find everything in my stash, including the 2 zippers!

They were lovely and quick to sew up with great instructions. I'm adding a few more to my 'make for Christmas' list.

The best part was watching Aden hand it over and  say 'I helped Mummy make this for you' (he didn't it was waaaaaay past his bedtime when I made these!) And then the very best part was watching the teacher tip her USB&…

{BlogtoberFest13-28} Baby Dino

Okay so technically I made this last month to send to a sweet new babe with his quilt. But I haven't blogged it yet so it counts for this month right? Aden saw this sweet little dino on my Pinterest board and asked if he could make one. It is child-friendly-ish but at 4 he is not ready to make things on the machine on his own! The fabric and ribbons were all his choices though!

 Mummy did the tricky sewing and Aden was able to help with some of the stuffing...truth be told he just liked sword fighting with the knitting needle!

  Little dino has been on Kindy visits and sleepovers. A big hit with my dinosaur loving boy! You can see the ribbons are a bit closer together and a little smaller for the gift version I sent.

Pattern from here

{BlogtoberFest13-26} New craft

I started a new craft last month. I'm not very good at it but I have some wonderful friends who are willing to help me. A gifted hook, some wool and a 'how to' book and I was on my way! A few youtube videos and it was all making sense!