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9 Months!

At 9 months Aden is learning and growing beautifully. I'm so proud of my little boy!
* chews his food using his 6 teeth (3 top 3 bottom)

* crawls very fast and gets away from Mummy and Daddy and in to mischief very quickly! and loves to follow the cat, who has scratched him twice this month!

* knows his name and will follow you if you ask him too

* says Mumma, Dadda, Bubba and we think he has been saying 'puppy'

* loves to feed himself (and the floor!) favourites include pasta, carrot and zucchni (homegrown by his Nana!) with cream cheese, Baked beans, any sort of youghurt or custard, bananas (of which he can eat a whole one in a matter of minutes shoving huge pieces in his mouth) and apples

* tries to eat vegemite toast although most of it ends up squished in his fingers and then thrown on the floor

* loves taking a bath and splashing his hands, he also likes to stand up and play with the taps, but he will sit down when you ask him only to stand again, 3 strikes and he is out…


Aden - 2 weeks old
Bailey - 2 weeks old

Same outfit different baby! So cute!

Queen Mary Falls

This years ANZAC Day was a little different from the past 10 years. With DH on holidays we didn't have an offical military function to attend, so after a quick Dawn service and 'Gunfire' Breakfast, a quick nap at home for an hour, then watching the small local march we headed out driving for the day.

We ended up at Queen Mary Falls. There is a Caravan/Camping Park, a lovely picnic area and a circut walk down to the bottom of the falls. We just took the short walk to the lookout but we'll be going back to do the 1 hour walk to the bottom next time! There were heaps of people there so a weekday might be best next time!

Aden loved his Ergo ride from Dad...First time he has been on the back!


Just layed out on the floor...stupid blogger rotating my pics...

The Quilt 'Bucket' List

Saw this in my blog trawling on Raccoon Creek Quilts and thought I could make one too...anyone else game??

Enter a quilt in a show. Make all the quilts that are in my head (this one may take a while). Try ‘cathedral windows’ Make a quilt from a pattern by one someone I know Quilt using a long-arm machine. Have a quilt published in a magazine (even if it is just in the ‘letters’ at the back!)Take a Huston ‘quilt tour’ and buy LOTS of fabric while I’m there Have a quilt on each bed in the house (and one on the wall if DH will let me!)

Of course this might not be the whole list...I reserve the right to add to it at any time!

Edited to add: A cutting table at the 'right' heigh to save my back

Toot Toot!!


Happy Birthday Aunty Cee!

There is a bit for a tradition in my family to have a novelty birthday cake for kids parties. Mum has the Women's Weekly 'Children's Birthday Cake Book' in which at the bottom of the picture our name and age was written for each cake that we chose for our birthday. There is already some excitement in this house in the planning of Aden's first birthday and of course choosing the cake! I've never made one before and my sister offered to be my 'practice cake' before I make Aden's. What do you think??

Happy 24th Birthday!
We had a lovely afternoon with family at her combined birthday/house warming. I like having my family so close now!

Brave or Stupid??

Despite knowing about this little one (awwwwwwww!!)
for quite a while and knowing that it was going to be a boy I just didn't start a quilt for him. Bad Aunty I know!!

So now that we are off to visit him soon I just can't show up without a quilt!

This is the fabric I've choosen for a quick play quilt brave or stupid colour/fabric choice??

PS It is actually too late and I have started cutting...but I'm still interested in your opinions!

Full Moon Forest Baby Quilt

Inspired by Jenn's tumbling quilt I looked up the pattern at the Moda Bake Shop and made one for a new little bubba.

Made from 2 charm packs in the the Full Moon Forest fabric. With the purple rabbit for the border and binding and the aqua squirrels for the backing.

The pictures are dodgy tonight in the dark room but the quilt is just cute!

I love this line of fabric and there is only a little of it left in my stash!

Ads...the quilt measures 37" x 42.5" I think it s good size for the pram or nappy bag if visiting friends to not put the baby on the floor

Emma...yep echo quilted every second one. I do the thread ends mostly at the end. I just make sure I pull enough thread though to tie them with and try hard not to stitch over the start but just beside it...IYKWIM

1283 Hexagons...and counting

After seeing the massive hexagon quilt at the Quilt Fair I started thinking about my own...Started in March 2007 it is now lovingly refered to as 'The football quilt' as most of it has been constructed while watching the football on TV. 3 games a weekend makes for 6 hours of handstitching...well it used to be 6 hours...If Aden is about I can't stitch, watch him and watch the footy.

So Friday nights are usually the better time, after Aden is in bed!

Last weekend over Easter my little sister stayed with us and had a turn at stiching some hexagons too!! I still have heaps to go!

I just love looking at the colours and remembering where each little piece of fabric came from...lots of them from my quilting buddies!