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1 year old today!!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Aden Henry!!

Yesterday was a pretty emotional day for the hours ticked by I was remembering back to what I was doing at that exact moment a year ago...being induced and in labour for 15 hours and then having a c-section at midnight was not how I pictured my labour and the birth of my first child. I still find it difficult to think about and have already been thinking about how very different my next labour will be!

But out of all that of course the most wonderful human being arrived safely and for that I am very thankful. This little boy has changed our world and definitely without a doubt I can say for the better. He is such a delightful little man. I don’t think my son is particular ‘gifted’ but I am simple amazed at what he has achieved in the space of just 12 short months. He has grown from a totally defenceless, incapable of anything much, tiny (well tiny to me at over 9lbs) baby to a happy, healthy, walking, talking, thriving little boy!

Although we all h…

Friendship across the country

How lucky am I to have such a great friend! She totally forgives me when her birthday present is SUPER late!
I was just a few days late to start with and then my 'take a risk with quilting' did quite go to plan....
This process picture shows where the error started...because of the small size of the quilt I decided to attach the binding very early on, something I have never done before and will never do again,after I had done the middle bit of pebble quilting.

So pebbling away I went... and loved it...loved doing it...loved the effect...loved everything about it...except how long it takes! lol

Then for some reason without looking at the back of the quilt properly I started hand stitching the binding down..when I came back to the top of the quilt I found this...
I had stitched the hanging sleeve that I had already attached to the quilt with the quilting...I had two choices...unpick all my lovely quilting or unpick the binding, make a new hanging sleeve, attach it, re stitch the bi…


The lovely Heather and Megan at Quilt Story saw my post about Jack and Samuel's quilts and wanted me to share their story.

We all know (well I do anyway) how difficult it can be to experience infertility....expecially when they are soooo wanted. The pain is even greater when you finally, afer months and years of failure, succed in falling pregnant only to loose the baby before you have even held it in your arms...or in this case; them.

I'm glad I was able to tell my cousin, and her husband, that she is not the only one missing Jack and Samuel today...not the only one crying tears...not the only one wishing there was a different outcome from their births.... not the only one wanting to hold them in our arms...not the only one loving them today.

The direct link to my quilt story is here

Rest in Peace Samuel and Jack...we love you!

WIP Wednesday

Only 2 more sleeps til Aden is 1!!

We, and by that I mean my sisters and I, Hubby is not really interested, are busy preparing for Aden's brithday party on the weekend! I'm going for an 'old' traditional kids birthday party. Everything homemade! Food, games, party bags (or in this case boxes!) the whole kit and kooboodle!

I'm having heaps of fun doing it too! But is it time consuming so no sewing this week...but have a look at what I've been up to...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! When I saw is was available in fabric I just had to have some. I share my love of children's books with Megs. And I knew she would just love it too.

Megan and I met in Grade 4 when she moved to my school. And we've been friends ever since. She is one of those people that you can talk to about anything. She is wonderfully genuine, honest, loving and a fabulous person to have standing behind you. Although we went to different high schools, had different groups of friends and haven't lived near each other for the last 10 years...when we get together it is like we saw each other just last week! Our visits are just too far apart but with 4 boys between us to look after sometimes life is just to busy. So when we do catch up it is a wonderful mix of reminiscing, babies (and a passion for baby names), books, husbands, families and current events. The conversation just flows (and is side tracked many times). It is always sad when she leaves.

Today, Megan…

WIP Wednesday

Ta Da!!!

A finished quilt top!!

I wasn't too happy with how this quilt was turning out, but now that it is together and with borders, I'm liking it a lot more. I have the backing fabric ready to go so hopefully it will be ready to go to it's new home very soon.

Quilting suggestions??

WIP Wednesday

Not much work has been done on the star quilt this week. I arranged the blocks on Monday, stared at them, played with them a bit, stared some more...and then it sat. A sooky teething almost 12 month-old has stopped me from getting into the sewing room...hopefully it will come together quickly and without any hassles!

The dark green square in the middle just doesn't look right...does it?? I'm thinking I might have to swap it out...and the darker green one to the left?? I'll have to search the stash to replace them. Any others look out of place to you?? Please let me know!

Please excuse the mess in the top right of the bags, balloons, crepe prep for Aden! Oh and excuse his baldy super clingy boy of late I can't go anywhere without him...even the toilet!!

Sweet Baby Quilt

Finished and ready to post!
I used a pink check from the same line of fabrics for the backing and a stripe for the binding.