WIP Wednesday

Not much work has been done on the star quilt this week. I arranged the blocks on Monday, stared at them, played with them a bit, stared some more...and then it sat. A sooky teething almost 12 month-old has stopped me from getting into the sewing room...hopefully it will come together quickly and without any hassles!

The dark green square in the middle just doesn't look right...does it?? I'm thinking I might have to swap it out...and the darker green one to the left?? I'll have to search the stash to replace them. Any others look out of place to you?? Please let me know!

Please excuse the mess in the top right of the photo...party bags, balloons, crepe paper...party prep for Aden! Oh and excuse his baldy head...one super clingy boy of late I can't go anywhere without him...even the toilet!!


The Humming Cat said…
I really like it! The yellow square, 3 from the right and 2 down, I would maybe move that one? It's not seen on it's own as much as it's next to the yellow background with red star.
Emma said…
I think the dark grene on thw left is ok, but the really dark one in the centre is the problem. Partly because it's too dark, but mostly because you haven't got all that many green blocks, yet there are 3 in that row. I would find a slightly lighter/brighter green, then try swapping its position with the bright red block one row down and left; that might blanace the colours a bit?
Cath said…
Hi AJ, Thanks for stopping by my new blog and saying Hi. I love your star quilt and the pink one posted below it too - one very talented lady! I understand your party stuff taking over the house my girls turn 4 and 1 on the 24th & 29th - so we have a big combined party coming up! Have a great weekend. Cath

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