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Doll Quilt Swap III

They are finished...yep thats right there are two of them....I couldn't send 1 Dolls quilt to a house that has two little I made two....they are different so hopefully Mum doesn't have to many arguments about who gets which one!!

Tidy Up

I tidied up my applique/cross stitch threads this they are all neat and tidy in the box.....and look what I'm working teddy bears!! I have also nearly finished my 'under the sea' cross stitch too...from way back here....

Bam Bam's Sleepover

Bam Bam arrived on Tuesday morning and was very happy to see Jester....however his mummy had trouble leaving her baby and needed to be told 'He'll be fine' numerous times..We settled them in under the house and boarded up all the escape routes for such a little pup and left them to play for the day. I thought I might be able to sneak back at lunch time and check on them, as I wasn't on class, but at a Professional Development day down the road...but I couldn't so was hoping they would still be there when I got and home.
And they were waiting happily, with tails wagging, for me to let them out...we had a wonderful play on the veranda...Jester was so gentle with Bam Bam. It was very cute watching them growl at each other while playing tug on the pork chop!! We had BB in a house for a few minutes as a trial but he peed twice on the floor in 10 minutes so back outside he went!!

They slept well Tuesday night, although I didn't listening out for them (imagine the slee…

Jester's new play mate!!

Meet Jester's new friend...this is 7 week old Bam Bam!! He will be visiting often and will even have a sleepover with us on Tuseday....Jester was very gentle with him....

1106....and counting

Emma and Bee helped me out with some of their scraps to make some more Hexagons tonight...thanks girls...

All the way from America....

Look at the fabric I got from Cabbage Rose Quilting It arrived safe and sound and quick too...I've been hanging for some Full Moon Forest Fabric for ages and now I have some....will have to get Ads to help me with a pattern for my Jelly Roll!!

Doll Quilt Swap III

I've gone all pink, cute and girly...hope my swapper likes it...
Links to other swappers in the sidebar!

With a little help from my friend...

From this to this.....

I don't know how I have managed to sew for so long with out a decent pin cushion....The wonderful pin cushion Ads made for Jester has replaced my old dodgy one I gave up using a long time ago...Jester said I could use it.....that was after I had to wrestle it off DH who had started to use it as a football for inside the house...
I soon stopped him with the addition of a few pins and needles....It now sits lovingly beside my machine...ahhhh bliss!! No more spilt pin containers!!!

I'll forgive DH for the football attempts if he continues to cook like this.....YUM!!! Steak and Guinness Pie

Beautiful Babies

A flying visit home and the delivery of 3 quilts....all very much well recieved!! Annaleisa (which is now what my brother has changed the spelling to!!) is a tiny doll, and although she has her days and nights mixed-up at bit at present, is bringing great joy to her parents and is funny to see my brother ga-ga over his little daughter.
Annaleisa is 15 days old in these pictures

Nate didn't like his quilt much at first....but a quick cuddle and he was happy to lie down on the quilt for a bit....

I think Patrick will have more fun with this quilt til Nate gets a bit older...He is such a sweet annimated little boy....the ribbon I had wrapped around the quilt was the most entertaining thing all afternoon

Third Quilt pics to come later....


How lovely to have a cat that loves fabric as much as I do!! Nikita loves nothing more than to snuggle into some freshly laid out fabric...even better if it already washed ready to be used...this time she found where I keep cut fabric....she chased this shoebox around the room until it was in position under the ironing board near where I'm sitting....then opened the box....jumped in and settled down....then proceeded to start snoring!!! By the way....there is fabric in that box that I need to make into a quilt...guess I better wash the quilt in case the person who gets it isn't good with cat hair