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Raw Talent!!

Aden's first drawing! Mummy helped a bit of course and I traced his hands too. As good as this is I really don't think he is ready for pens just yet...check out his face and hands!

This is the new face he likes to pull....

Aden's Library....

Mem Fox is a fantastic Australian author with plenty of great award winning books. I saw this one in the shop just this week, but since my maternity pay has finished up little splurges can't happen any when I saw it at the Library today I borrowed it out for Aden.

We hadn't read it yet when I was channel surfing after attempting to put Aden to sleep didn't work...and what should we see but Playschool!! Boy it brought back some memories! Justine Clark was on today and I'm not sure who the bloke was that was with her...anyway the point being guess what book they read on Playschool today?? 'Where is the Green sheep' of course!

Aden isn't really a big fan of TV so I'm not sure he really listened to Justine reading but he seemed to like it when I read it before bed!

8 months!!

What a battle to get this took both DH and I!! This boy just doesn't stop!

I have just had a quick look through all the photos of Aden this month to discover that they are mostly of him eating!! I guess that happens when you get 3 new teeth for the month! He now has 2 bottom teeth and 3 top teeth...and lots of dribble and I guess more are on the way!

Weight: 8.06kgs (20th)
Height: 74cms (90th)
HC: 45cms (50th)

First Spaghetti!! Yum Yum!!

His toy collection is getting bigger...his favourite at the moment other than books, which he still loves, are balls! This little pink ball is the perfect size and very bouncy. Aden will spend 20 mins or more just crawling around after the ball, picking it up and waving his arms till it flings out and bounces away again. DH and I have started playing ball with him too. Rolling a bigger ball back and forth between us and helping Aden to 'catch' it. He thinks it is a great game.

Banana Face!
He doesn't like sharing appl…

Totally Inspired

I have been totally inspired by Helen...again!
This time with her pebble quilting! You can win her mini quilt
on her blog here

So after debating how to quilt my Hungry Caterpillar quilt I decided to pebble around the 3 characters on the quilt...small enough to get my head around but big enough to give it a good go.
So here is it so far... I’m not sure if I’m doing it right.... what do you think??

Backing..looks a little mess but nobody looks at the back right??

Just couldn't leave it....

Can you see why??
There has been a considerable amount of unpicking on this quilt to get the colour placement right......and for such a 'quick' quilt it has turned into quite a drama.

So now it looks like this....til the morning hopefully when I can fix it!

Brisbane Craft Fair

It was great to meet up with Susan and her son Jordan (just a few weeks younger than Aden) and also Bec and her son Jack. We had a good wander around and looked at everything!

There were quilts on display from the 'Material Obsession' book.

My favourite was the rocket quilt!

There was also the World's Biggest Hexagon Quilt!! It really was huge! And it got me thinking about my own hexagon quilt! (More on that later!) I am actually regretting not sitting down and stitching a few hexagons...just so I could say I was part of it...might have to post a few to the organisers or pop into Gatton one day!

These Mini quilts, by the members of the Queensland Quilters Inc. were all made with no less than 20% of the same is amazing to see the different ideas people came up with. I only took photos of the ones I really liked, although all of them were amazing!
Swinging into a Brisbane Summer - Margaret Tweedle
The second picture has more accurate colour in it..not sure what happene…