12 Week Challenge

I saw this this afternoon as I was taking Aden for a walk. I haven't seen a rainbow in ages and this one was right outside our house. That is the neighbours roof you can see. I cropped the photo to remove their cars from the picture!!

So what is the 12 week challenge??

After a big family dinner of Friday night, lovingly cooked by my DH, I decided I eat too much!! My sister Bee, her partner H, my Dad, his partner K, (my other sister Cee got roped in too although she wasn't at the dinner party) and I decided to loose some weight...I hoping for about 10kgs in 12 weeks!!

I keep using the excuse 'I've got a newborn' but sadly he is not so 'newborn' anymore and that excuse is no longer valid!

I'm trying desperately to change my eating habits and am trying to follow the 'CSIRO total wellbeing diet' which I have successfully done before.

Being my family of course there is a bet involved, winner takes all, $300 is up for grabs....just think of the fabric I could buy with that!!

So any motivation or positive tips would be helpful!

I'm looking forward to a healthier, happier me!!


Take a look at fityummymummy.com - it is awesome and aimed at mums and you only need to do 20 mins daily or 40 mins 3 x times a week. It is a true lifestyle and I feel great since implementing it into my life a couple of years ago! Good luck, that $300 is a great motivator!
Kylie said…
That's what I need - a 12 week challenge! Good luck - I'm sure that $300 is yours!

(Is it coincidence that my word verification for this post if fatiod??)

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