Lucky Me!!

The very talented Emma made this for her childrens Day Care Centre and for just I few dollars and a lot of luck it found it's way to my house!
I usually buy raffle tickets knowing that I am donating money to a good cause as I don't ever actually expect to win....but win I did!! Just look at this!
Emma phoned me just before Christmas to tell me that I had won! I was totally confused at first and I'm still pinching myself, but it is now all mine!! As soon as I add a hanging sleeve I'll share it with Aden to fit in the beach/ocean room! The little turtles are the same ones I used in his nappy stackers!

Thanks Emma it is even better in Real life than it is in the pictures!

Proof that I own it...on the carpet in the lounge room!


Liam's Mummy said…
That is an awesome quilt. Very inspiring! You are very, very lucky to have won that!
OH that's is just beautiful! I love how she incorporated all the different fabrics. I really feel like I'm at the beach when I look at it. It will look great in Aden's room! Congrats! Jenn
Kylie said…
Very lucky you! I'm totally jealous! LOL
~LilFrankie~ said…
Luck you AJ, it will look perfect in Adens room :o)
Car said…
How lucky are you! I love that Quilt!!!

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