The Hungry Caterpillar

Megan's third baby isn't due til mid April and I have lots of others things on the list that need finishing first but when some fabric scraps arrived from Milly after she had finished making her Hungry Caterpillar quilt I got all inspired to start mine.

Megan and I share a passion for children's books so what better than a quilt using the Hungry Caterpillar Fabric

Using my Idol for inspiration I decided to stop planning and designing and just go for it!

I cut up the panel into the three pieces (as they weren't sequential, like in the book and I just could stand that *blush*) re-arranged them and lay down the 'food' scraps to fill in the gaps.

Then I raided my stash and cut and sewed til they started looking well...wonky enough! I made three section and added a few sashing strips...and amazingly and totally unplaned it turned out square!

But not really big enough so what I want so I added some white borders and corner blocks in the caterpillar fabric.

Not at all like I had planned orignially but I'm happy with how it turned out....i think....I keep changing my mind as to wheather I like it or

I love it when after you have been working on quilt for awhile the floor looks like this!

I've cut some scrappy binding from the leftovers fabrics which should hopefully tie it all back together....DH thinks (in all his quilting wisdom *eye roll*) that the white makes it look 'washed out'. Do you agree??

I'm open to quilting suggestions too!!


brissmith said…
Hi Aj I love the quilt it looks great but have to say that I agree with your DH and I think a different colour would look better. Not sure what colour - maybe something stronger. Susan
Milly said…
i AJ... I think it looks fab. Its busy with the larger blocks of colour in thwonky blocks make it more easy on the eye than some other VHC versions I have seen.

I think the white looks fine but would consider using a dark brown or black as the binding. Then it would look like a framed picture... you know, matt border and dark wooden frame.
Helen said…
Ohhhh, it looks HOT! Really HOT!!! I love the white, but will I still be your friend if I admit I don't like the white blocks in the corner of the white... but thats me, tell me to shush! Definitely a dark brown binding or dark green? Something dark to frame it like Milly said. Quilting it..... what about wavy lines quilting?
Kylie said…
Love it, but must agree with Helen, not a fan of the corner blocks. I was thinking a bright binding with the leftovers would lift the white, but I think Milly and Helen are right - dark border would work too.
Car said…
I love it!!!

I was thinking a thin blue border then the white border - perhaps? but definately a bright binding :)
MandMStudio said…
I think it looks good:) I also agree on a bright binding.
I like it. You could add a checked border all around the outside with all of your left over scraps. Or you could use a varigated thread to quilt it. That would break up all of the white in the border. Anyway - I love it! Jenn
Sunny said…
I love the quilt! The white is fine, especially if you bind it with one of the bolder colors. However, the cornerstones make it look washed out to me. Something darker for the corners would fix it up right. Great work AJ.
becanne said…
I really like this - especially the way you have put the panels in the correct order (my fave book of all time -hehehe)and I really love the bright wonky blocks.
I do agree with Susan - I would prefer a coloured border over the white, then the three panels would stand out more. The photo before the white borders were added looks so much brighter.
But feel very free to ignore me. Either way, I think it is my favorite of all the VHC quilts I've seen!
Cascade Lily said…
AJ - GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!! I think your 'idol' (LOL) has definitely inspired you in the right direction.

I have to confess that I don't like the patterned corner blocks - I'd go for all white. The scrappy coloured binding sounds good - you could even make 'fat' binding - like an inch thick. That would help tone down the bright of the white :)

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