Aden's Library....and 'excursion'

We haven't been to the Library for a few weeks...out of routine as DH started 14.5 weeks of holidays!!

We went yesterday after the movies and got some new books. We own the 'baby animal' version of this book, hippos, giraffes, lions, parrots etc but I think we have a new favourite!

MIL was 'reading' (looking at the pictures) with Aden last night and he was cracking up laughing at the animal noises!

And as luck would have it today to celebrate National Playgroup Week we went to the park and saw some real live animals! Aden loved it, reaching and patting and chasing the animals.

We also saw not 1 but 2 fire trucks, one left with lights and sirens as it got called to a job while it was there. There was also story telling, painting, balloons and crafts as well as lots of kids!

It was a great couple of hours in the park!
I'm not sure he knows what this

Chasing the ducks
This little piggy squealed everytime you tounched it!

So proud of my boy....not scared of animals at all!!


Aww, he is absolutely adorable!

Well done Aden on not being scared of the animals.
Kylie said…
Looks like he had a great time - way too cute!
Helen said…
My girls still love going to check out a petting farm! Especially love the last shot! :)

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