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11 Months

My beautiful boy is getting so big!!

He hasn't quite cracked the 10kg mark yet though...He was 9.960 fully clothed and nappied...the nurse did some quick calculations and said his weight to be 9.62 kgs. We were able to measure his height standing up this time...75cms...down from 77 cms last month...I don't think he has shrunk any just poor measurements from last when I was on my own wrestling a wriggly toddler!

Yes Toddler!! Aden is soooo confident with his walking! It was amazing to watch him master turning while still moving...often falling down and lots of falling down when he is tired...but still so clever!!

He can say a few 'heeooo' when you give him the telephone..only if no one is on the other end though...if someone talks back to him he goes all silent...which is very rare...I think we have a mega chatterbox on our hands!! He starts at 6am when he wakes in his cot, talks for a few minutes then cries for you get him out, and goes until bed at 7pm. Wh…

WIP Wednesday

Two weeks in a row!! Yeah!!

DH's cousin had a little girl last Monday...Imogen Meleisha was a tiny 5lbs 1oz and a few weeks early!! I'm not really sure if they are the 'homemade present' type of people, but as Imogen was the 4th great-grandbaby but the first girl and they knew whe was a girl before she was born I'm sure they have everything under the sun for her...execpt a quilt of course!

Made the quilt tops Musk, Marshmellows, Butterfly Dreams and Strawberries and Cream back in January of 2008.
Marshmellows went to Alannah and Strawberries and Cream went to Annaleisa
So I dug out Musk for Imogen...I'm saving Butterfly Dreams for someone special...if it is a girl this time!!

Anyway while Aden had a 30 min cat nap today I chose some backing and binding fabrics, ironed them, swept the floor enough to have a clear space in the playroom, made a quilt sandwich and re-threaded the machine with pink varigated cotton... and that is as far as I got...
until this afternoon …

Aden's Library....

Today was storytime at the Library! With stories about 'things that go!' Aden was more interested in the other kids than the stories, but he did like the songs, Wheels on the bus and Zoom Zoom Zoom!

Aden picked this book with lots of fun animal sounds to make

Happy Reading!!

WIP Wednesday

Helen is helping me get my sew-jo back...WIP Wednesdays are going to happen on this blog every week...I hope!

As well as a double batch of pumpkin scones, two loads of washing, various other household tasks and watching after a very active and mischievous 10.5 month old I got some quilting done today while Aden napped!

I finished all the pebble quilting around the caterpillar and butterfly and got almost all the stipple done too! About 20 cms across the top white border to finish...hopefully tonight! Then binding (which is already made and ready to go) on Thursday!
Mummy's little helper!

Jonathan and his mummy are waiting patiently for me to finish this quilt and then they can come for a play date to collect it!

Getting Crafty!

Home made paint

12 tablespoons of cornflour. Mix in 1 cup of cold (tap) water til smooth. Then add 3 cups of boiling water. It will thicken and go clear. Separate into different cups/bowls and add food colouring.

Super easy, non toxic...not nice to eat though! Easy clean off table and clothes!

It made heaps so a half batch should be enough!

One of my old shirts on backwards with a few pegs makes a great paint shirt!
Real men wear pink don't they??

Some for the dog...
and some for me!
Finished Mummy.....can I have some more paper please!
Aden's art work!