WIP Wednesday

Helen is helping me get my sew-jo back...WIP Wednesdays are going to happen on this blog every week...I hope!

As well as a double batch of pumpkin scones, two loads of washing, various other household tasks and watching after a very active and mischievous 10.5 month old I got some quilting done today while Aden napped!

I finished all the pebble quilting around the caterpillar and butterfly and got almost all the stipple done too! About 20 cms across the top white border to finish...hopefully tonight! Then binding (which is already made and ready to go) on Thursday!
Mummy's little helper!

Jonathan and his mummy are waiting patiently for me to finish this quilt and then they can come for a play date to collect it!


Helen said…
Yahhhh! I love how Aden's sleeve matches the stripy fabric!!! Very cool!!
Natalie said…
I just adore that fabric! I can't believe how big Aden is getting too.
The Humming Cat said…
Love your verigated stippling.

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