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What a cutie...Annaleisa Maree

While Dad and Kate are visiting this weekend I pinched these photos off their camera....Isn't she a cutie!! Biased Aunty comment...but I'm allowed!!

First Birthday Party...


With her Pa....

32 Weeks

We went to our first Ante-natal class this week...and to be honest it was a bit boring...I felt like I was being tested, she was asking us lots of questions...I thought it was supossed to be the other way around?? Luckily I've done lots of reading and knew the answers!! We went through the positions of the baby in the uterus and when you would need a c-section. A super boring (and very out dated 80's) video on labour positions (you do what feels right don't you??) and then a tour of the ward and birthing rooms. No real surprises there but it was good to get a look at them and for DH to see where he needs to take me when the time comes. The best bit was the two newborns we saw in the of them from my hydro class that had only arrived that morning!

We've done a little more work on the nursery. Put the mobile above the change table and my nursing pillow arrived from NZ (you can't get them anymore in Oz!) We'll be looking at and buying a pram this weeke…

Five Hundred.....

WOW 500 already....guess that means it is time for a giveaway....haven't decided if it will be fabric or a little quilt yet...I'll get it together tomorrow and post some pictures...

Do you want to win??? Leave a comment before next Sunday and I'll draw a winner!


So far I've washed the dog (after being at the beach this morning and getting all sandy), totally cleaned out and wiped the fridge, did the dishes, washed all the cultery and wiped in the draw, took all the plates/dishes out of the cupboard and wiped the shelves, on to the 3rd load of washing, vacumed the whole house, scrubbed (hands and knees!!) the floors and went food shopping (stocked up on toilet much is too much toilet paper in the house?!?!)

I want to do some things in the baby's room too today...but first I think I might go have a nap!!

P.S. I got some new bathroom scales today too....they should be more accurate (measures in 100g) so that could be a little scary!!

31 Weeks

The baby's room is really starting to look like a nursery! I love walking in there over the last few days and just looking! Sad I know!

Beau has done a fantastic job on building the cot and fixing up the change table to look like new. DH did lots of sanding and varnishing to get it all finished and into the nursery before Nic and Beau went home...I'm not going to post any finished pics of the nursery yet cause it is not finished...hopefully it will be in time for the baby shower in 4 weeks! But here is the cot going together in the room!

The metal stand thingy is for the netting to go over the looks super sweet!

I'm also feeling rather guilty about buying the cot quilt to go in it...I know I am capable of making it myself but I really want the baby's room finished before the baby gets here and time is now becoming very limited to make a quilt...especially at the pace I do them! I'd rather make a gender specific one after to rotate in the cot and so that's…

For Samuel

Done and ready to post!
I enjoyed making this one!

I took Emma's advice on not quilting contrasting thread until youget better at it...I was going to quilt around the stars in coloured thread and make them stand out a bit but decided my quilting skills are not up to that instead I stuck to white thread...which then contrasts on the dark blue backing....not a bad effort..I'm happy with the way it turned out and I hope Marina is too!
And I love the binding!

30 Weeks

Yeah! 3/4 of the way there!! 10 weeks to go!

Most excitingly I got my cot this week! Nic and Beau brought it with them while they visit for a few days. Their arrival will have us in a flurry of visitor right up until the birth! Giving us small 'waits', hopefully making 'the long wait' bearable!

Beau built the cot for us and he has done an excellent job! Since these pics he has added a top rail to give it a really finished look. It is currenlty still in pieces getting the final cot of varnish before it will be reassembled on the weekend. I LOVE it!! Beau has managed to make the base adjustable to two level and added a drop down side!

Teaching DH how to assemble it!
Starting the varnish.

While Beau was here and with some tools he also fixed the old change table we got given. The draw didn't slide properly but now it does! DH sanded it down ready to varnish too hopefully a similar colour. They should both be back in the Nursery by the weekend!

Belly Pics! I got told at w…

PJ Party!!

I started sewing these a month was my first pair to make sure the pattern was what I want...and it over the last few days I have made 6 pairs!! I was ment to start them earlier in the week to have them ready for Bee's birthday but they will be in the mail tomorrow!!

I even got out the overlocker and with DH's help maganged to change the thread colour and re-thread it and off I went! It was a production line of cutting, sewing, heming and then attaching ribbons!

They are very comfy and I wore mine for a few hours after I had the photos taken...I didn't want to take them off!! I can see me living in these after the baby is born...if I don't have to go out anywhere that is!!

29 weeks + 5 days

29 Weeks

Noodle enjoying the rocking chair!

I think my husband has more pregnancy symptoms than I do!! He went on a major 'nesting' binge over the long weekend spending over 5 hours pressure washing the outside of the house, paths, cement and walls, and then another 3 hours mowing, whipper-snipping,pruning, gardening and yard tidying! He has also been very forgetful!!

I've made some good progress on the Noah's Sub Cross Stitch for the wall. I'm rather embarrassed to say that this small piece is over 10 hours of stitching...that is a lot of 'sitting on your bum' time! But I really want it finished before bubby makes his/her grand entrance!

I also started work on the cot quilt. I re-designed the quilt after realising how small it needed to be to fit the cot without needing to tuck it in as it will be removed for sleeping time until bubs is bigger anyway. I then cut out some of the animals ready to hand stitch....more 'bum' time! Still 3 to do and hopefully before…

Noah and Friends

I totally forgot to post this!!!

The finished 'Noah and Friends' quilt...arrived safely at Alannah's house a few weeks ago...I hope she is already enjoying it hanging on her wall!!

I totally love this quilt!!! And apart from the massive amount on hours it takes to do...I'd do another one starting today!!

Alas there is enough on the list to finish at the momoent!

Nappy Stackers

I have finished making both of the Nappy stackers tonight...and I have re-designed the cot quilt ready to start on it...I just have to go through some fabrics tomorrow to work out that I need...

Furnishings for the Nursery!!

After weeks of frustrated mindless searching...I've finally found the fabric for the Nursery!! And best of all DH likes it too!! Shock horror!!

I'm making a version of this for the cot quilt. The original is too big so I will have to choose some of our favourite blocks and adjust the sashings to fit. Shouldn't be too hard and shouldn't take too long...I hope! I'll be able to use fabric from my stash for most of it and some of the green, yellow and orange fabric below too.

This is what I've designed for the bedside table...I'm still not 100% sure about it...but I like the 'snail trail' blocks making waves...possibly just around the outside though with the shell fabric running down the middle. And purple binding from the fabric below.

And I found this turtle fabric for the 2 Nappy stackers I'm going to make. I wanted one purple and the other blue...but DH doesn't like the purple..he thinks it doesn't 'go' with the sea theme and wants…