32 Weeks

We went to our first Ante-natal class this week...and to be honest it was a bit boring...I felt like I was being tested, she was asking us lots of questions...I thought it was supossed to be the other way around?? Luckily I've done lots of reading and knew the answers!! We went through the positions of the baby in the uterus and when you would need a c-section. A super boring (and very out dated 80's) video on labour positions (you do what feels right don't you??) and then a tour of the ward and birthing rooms. No real surprises there but it was good to get a look at them and for DH to see where he needs to take me when the time comes. The best bit was the two newborns we saw in the nursery...one of them from my hydro class that had only arrived that morning!

We've done a little more work on the nursery. Put the mobile above the change table and my nursing pillow arrived from NZ (you can't get them anymore in Oz!) We'll be looking at and buying a pram this weekend when Dad and Kate visit. I also found a local nappy distributor. (Sam at The Nappy Bucket, was super lovely and I got to meet her two boys who were very cute!) I bought 8 more nappies of varying styles to add to the stash. Just some different ones to trial and check the fit on bubs before investing a heap on something that doesn't work for us.

Russell has had a very busy week. I've felt the hiccups for the first time on Sunday! I've also had a few Braxton Hicks Contractions...usually 2 or 3 a day...but I've had 5 today!

I've taken out the some info but here is the invite Cee made for the baby shower...cute hey! I sent them out this week and will have to get a move on organising the games and food!

Belly Pic....32 weeks + 1 day

Cross Stitch Up-date....It's starting to look like a submarine!

Weight: 74.6kg (just over 9kgs of extra weight!)


Helen said…
A submarine cross stitch?? LOL The belly looks great, can't believe you are 32 weeks!
Cascade Lily said…
Well you're getting there! Imagine how amazing it will be when it's you holding your bubba in your arms!

Yes, submarine?
MIL said…
Hope some of those nappies are BLUE!!!!
Bee said…
hahaha. . go the Maroons!!!!

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