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Art Journaling - The Wishing Tree

You know those people that can put together a whole heap of stuff and make it look like Art? Well I have a few on line friends of the Arty variety and they can do it with ease.

So why am I writing about Art  Journaling?

Well because they challenged me to do it.

You see Anna at TillyTom  had a pop-up sale on her Facebook page (sale still on!!) where Miss Dove was buying a lovely little Stationary bundle, and with my nicest manners I asked Hubby if I could have one to. Somehow, although I don't think it was my fault, Car ended up with one also.

Then apparently according to the 'rules' when 3 people have the same craft supplies a challenge to create something must begin.

So Saturday afternoon it is and low and behold I have completed the challenge on time.

One Art Journal page using only the crafty supplies from TillyTom + 1 other medium.
I chose a pile of scrap booking papers.

I had a great idea in the shower a few days ago and it has been grown and forming in my head ev…

Dear Jane.....the beginning

I've been waiting for ages to start....I just didn't really know how or where to start. But last night I just jumped right in and printed out the first block.

G7 - The centre block - Indianapolis

I couldn't find any reds in my stash that I liked. I was going to resort to fussy cutting a christmas print to use the red, but instead found a left over bunting flag that had the red that I wanted. I unpicked the and the 2 triangles were just enough to make the block pieces.

There are 25 pieces in this block. The first 4 were stitched together while watchign the lastest Bond movie 'Skyfall' with Hubby as has become our usual Saturday night after the small one has gone to bed.
It is going to take me 4.3 years of Saturday nights to finish the 225 blocks in this quilt. That is if each block only take 1 weekend.....they wont.

So I'm giving myself a generous 10 years to finish this quilt!
My really happy with my first attempt at hand stitching and I can't imagine t…