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100+ Reading Challenge

I'm getting there slowly....very slowly!

The lovely Car (it is her birthday this week, pop by and say hello!) sent me this book that I won from her blog. Thanks Car!

I enjoyed the story line. I love that it wraps up all the ends nicely and you finish reading knowing that all the characters are taken care of!
The 'quilt' part of the book it lovely too. I'm going to be on the look out for another one to read...any recommendations as to which one?

Play School

We took Aden to his first 'live' concert today! And I'm really gald we did. It took him a few songs to warm up but he started dancing when they bought out Fegrus the frog for 'Ga-Loomp' and singing when Little Ted 'had a farm'....soo cute!
I loved watching Aden sing and dance!
This is Aden's 'I'm not too sure about this Mummy' face.

Emma with King Big Ted and Alex with Farmer Little Ted.
'Old Mother Hubard' and her 'dog'
'Woof Woof!!'
'Twinkle Twinkle little star'
'Like a daimond in the sky'

Around the Block 2

I made this block for Becky ages ago

and half made this one....

Which was going to plan execpt that I had run out of white for the corner blocks...I was debating about sending it half finished and Becky didn't seem to mind when I asked her but it didn't seem right to be sending a half finished block.
Then the school hoildays arrived and I finally found time some time to sew so after re-reading Becky's instructions I saw that she wouldn't mind if we added some pink/green fabrics of our own so I found some pick and added the corner squares.

Looking good!

But then I laid it next to the other quilt block....uh oh...disaster!

Somehow my calculations are all out of whack... this is terrible..I'm so mad at myself!! So after wondering how the hell I'm going to fixed it and deciding that I can't...and with no fabric left to make another block I decided to make Possum a little pillow to go with her quilt when Becky gets all the blocks back. (it is a perfect size '14…