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{SYST} - Sew your Stash Thin - Wrap up 2013

Before 2014 is over I thought I'd better wrap up my 2013 challenge!

There were 10 of us who thought the idea of using fabric from your stash rather than buying more in was a good idea. You can see them linked up here.

I'd love you all to come back and tell us whether their stash grew or shrank!

I think I came out pretty even. There were a few big finishes and lots of new things made from new fabrics bought but I'm happy with what I achieved in 2013.

I found a wrap up for Little White Dove here.

Anyone else do a wrap up post they want me to link??

Something old and something new {Kick the bucket 2014}

I've been pulling out old crafty things for the Kick the Bucket 2014 Challenge and well.....ummmmm.... I may have started a new one or two as well. Opps!

First with the old.....very old. So old in fact that my so called friends laughed when I said that this was going to be for Aden's nursery. He is 4.5 years old. Looking back I *may* have been slightly over ambitious when I said it would be finished when he was born. I was 27 weeks pregnant when I picked the pattern. And 28 weeks when the pattern arrived in the mail.  At 29 weeks, just a week into the project I'd made some good progress.
At 32 weeks it looked like this
And at 39 weeks just a week out from his due date it looked like this...
And then I had a newborn and we all know what happens to time after that. It gets really really fast and nothing much gets done while you feed and feed and change nappies and cuddle and feed some more. 
But progress was still happening! 
In October 2009 when Aden was not quite 3 months …