{SYST} - Sew your Stash Thin - Wrap up 2013

Before 2014 is over I thought I'd better wrap up my 2013 challenge!

There were 10 of us who thought the idea of using fabric from your stash rather than buying more in was a good idea. You can see them linked up here.

I'd love you all to come back and tell us whether their stash grew or shrank!

I think I came out pretty even. There were a few big finishes and lots of new things made from new fabrics bought but I'm happy with what I achieved in 2013.

I found a wrap up for Little White Dove here.

Anyone else do a wrap up post they want me to link?? 


Kellyy said…
Sorry I completely failed at this one.Well done for all the stuff you did.. woohoo
Car said…
I didint do this challenge, so no wrap post from me. BUT considering I didnt really sew anything for me, I didnt even buy much fabric either - so I win???

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