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{thirty} Steam Train Sunday

What a great way to spend a Sunday with a train crazy boy!  We took a 'Steamy' ride this morning. We got to sit in the 'first class' sleeper carriage built in 1912, that was later convereted to a seating carriage in 1947. Lots of lovely timber and windows you can stick your head out of!

Sooty hands!

Feeling the wind in his hair!!

{twenty-nine} photographer

Aden always tries to take my camera now when I'm taking photos, so I got out our old digital camera and let him go for it. There are quite a few finger shots but he is doing well. See for yourself!

Last nights effort....

and this morning...

And here is Aden the photographer!
He had such fun lining up all the cars under the draws! He is such a boy!

{twenty-six} pink milk

Aden (and I) have gotten into the habbit of getting a 'pink' milk or chocolate milk everytime we go to the shop, petrol station, cafe, etc. They aren't very good for him and I'm trying really hard to break the habbit. So I decided to make our own at home.
A handful of frozen strawberries (hulled and frozen when I was able to get them really cheap in-season), half a banana, a couple of tablespoons of strawberry yoghurt, a teaspoon of honey and a dash of milk.

I think he likes it!

{Twenty-three} Cars

More photos from our wekend. Aden is a huge fan of the movie 'Cars' and was excited to see 'Mack' and 'Lightening McQueen' at the track too.

Aden liked the blue cars the best and picked this one as his favourite. We are actually 'Team Red' and I taught him to say ' Go Holden' which he did.....

 with a vicious wave of his new favourite play things....flags! They were giving away international flags to support the international drivers in the race. Aden had Brazil and Scotland.

And he was very keen to show his support from the balcony.

We had a great weekend! Thanks Pa for organising it for us!

{twenty-two} Gold Coast

I'm not a big race car fan but my family are and Aden loves anything on wheels so it was great to spend some time with the family at the Gold Coast this weekend.

Our view from the 19th floor of the track was great. The cars were still very loud and everytime you heard them comming Aden would call out 'Racing cars' and go running out on to the balcony.

Of course it was a big day and the small boy needed a quick front of the telly with the racing of course.

The appartment pool complex was directly below us and the track ran along the edge of it.

We had a great view of the beach.

I was a bit worried about the height of the balcony and Aden getting over excited and dropping things over the edge or worse, trying to climb the railings but he was very good at not going out there without an adult. He loved sitting on Pa's lap, while the cars raced past below us.

{sixteen} birthday

Today is my birthday. I had a great day on the coast with my family. Pa took Aden and Annaleisa to Underwater World they loved watching the seal show and looking at all the fish. Annaleisa was a bit scared of the sharks at first but she bravley followed her younger cousin and was soon loving them too. This was followed by a BBQ in the park and a swim for the kids at the appartment. I love being able to share these days with my husband, son and family.

None of these blog posts have very many words in them...I think the pictures speak for themselves.

{eleven} outside

Today was a lovely day for mowing the lawn...

especially when you get to sit back and take photos and not actually do any of the mowing!

It was getting a bit warm so I added some water to the clam shell

the splashing quickly turned into this

And this is what you get if you supervise to closely!

The other supervisor...