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Wet Wet Wet

We had our second wet day in a row today....and it looks likte a few more to come...Hope I can keep the kids busy and out of each others way.

On to more exciting things...I think I found my new quilt project...I'm going to try and make a 'stack and slash' quilt for my sister....I have been hording 'music' material for a while and I think I found the right project for it...I don't like the borders on this one (I've cut most of them out in the photo) but it gives you enough material to make more blocks than you need for the quilt shown...I don't want it too big ..more like a lap quilt...I also think I'm going to stick to more black/grey/white colours than the ones shown here...I like the fact it will 'show off' the fabric a bit.....hhmmmmm time to convince Hubby that I don't have that many projects on the go and I can start one more!!

Just for interests sake and to show DH it is not just me....Helen how many quilt projects to do have on the…

Different time....same place...same things..

Why, after a long break from work, that seemed to take a long time, does going back to work never felt like you left!!! It's the same stuff just in a new year.... need to adjust my attitude if I'm going to make it through the year!!!

Going to unwind with a quilting mag....

New Phone

I got a new phone today...after the other one became increasingly unreliable and holding no charge in the battery we have bought a new pink phone for me... have to wait til tomorrow for full charge before I can play with it!

Artistic Ideas

My classroom is so boring!!

If been working on some ideas for my Art lessons this term...I want to do something different with the kids...instead of just the usual colour wheel and tones...I thought I would use Andy Warhol as my inspiration to use colour in an unrealistic way. His Marilyn screen prints are just fabulous exapmles of colour...Ther are going to be a few stages to it but the last one I want the kids to use a photo editing program to use photos of them selves to adjust the hughs to make this effect and then print the out and display them in the room..add some colour the the very boring walls!

So I have been doing a bit of experimenting with some of my own pictures!

Not quite the same as Andy's but effective and simple enough for the kids to re-create!
(The backgrounds are supposed to be white don't know why they turn out black here)

Poor Jester!!

My poor Jester Dog....he is going to the vets A so nicely puts it "to get his nuts chopped off!" My poor baby....and he had to endure a bath this morning in the rain cause he was all wet and mudy and now he is confined to the veranda so he doesn't get dirty again....


A and I both survived the whirl-wind rush of visiting home for 4 days....we got to see almost everyone..M didn't return my call....I forgot to ring S and A....J L, and baby I missed out because of transport hassles!! It is so much easier when we diver but not worth it for such a short time....

I have brought back more than a shoebox full of photos to start making Mum's 50th album...I have done one page and there are about another 49 to go...lucky I have 18 months to finish it!!

This is the first one...What do you think??? Cee and Bee...leave coments please!!!

More Supplies

Back to add....

Got some more supplies today...Lots of lovely paper in strong colours for Mum's layouts that I hope to soon be creating...will get some photos to start scraping while we are away

First Quilt for 2007

I have finished my first quilt for 2007 although it was started last year it is now finished. I will deliver it to Chelsea and Di next week. Need to add a lable still. I was very uncreative by using simple in-the-ditch quilting. I'm going to make some baby quilts this give to give to the Blankets of Love organisation (for premie or stil-born bubbas) so I will get more adventerous with my quilting on these little quilts.

Chelsea's Fairy Quilt

These are the new scrapbooking supplies I got today...I promised myself that I couldn't use them til I had finished C's quilt and now I have so tomorrow after the house valuer comes I will do a few layouts!

New Supplies


A has had Snoopy sisnce he was a wee little thing...Snoopy was looking a bit worse for wear from all the loving hugs and crashing tumbles he has had over the years...SO I decided to have a go at restoring Snoopy hopefully for our children to play with one day ...If A every gives it up!!

It has taken a number of attempts, many hours (!!) and 3 new pairs of pants before I got it right Not exaclty the same as the original according to A but good enough...I need to find some different buttons though. These ones stick out too far and to be like the originals they need something printed in the/on the surface of the keep your eye out everyone...It may take awhile to find some so I will leave these on for now


After (Taken at night - I'd get some more tomorrow)

PJ Sewing

I sewed today..YEAH!!! It has been sooooo long since I did any....A and I swapped cupboards today which makes getting to my sewing stuff a lot easier...and I can put my machines away when I'm not using them...instead of on the floor!!!

Nothing very exciting but I got them finished...well mostly just need to put some elastic in the white shorts...I ran out after doing Carrisa's PJ bottoms...I will go and buy her a white singlet to go with them

Carrisa's PJ bottoms

Close up of leg hem

Close up of bow detail (so she can tell the front from the back)

PJ bottoms for me (without elastic so they look huge!!)

I also made Carrisa one of her scarfs out of this material

Close up

I made Carrisa 5 other scarfs as well but because they are her Christmas presents I will keep them a secret a little longer...I will see her the week after next. Then I can post a picture...again nothing exciting....she uses them as belts or head scarfs or anything really!!

Made it!!

Well we made it through Christmas and New year.....but it is not over yet!! Christmas will again be revived when I visit my family in a few weeks a very belated Christmas dinner we will have.

Thought I'd just add some photos to tell the story and then come back and fix it up later...not really in the mood to post now but thought I better before it gets too much further into the new year!!

Jester eating my Christmas hat!!

Jester opening his present!!

Dinner - A's roast pork!! YUM!!!!!