Artistic Ideas

My classroom is so boring!!

If been working on some ideas for my Art lessons this term...I want to do something different with the kids...instead of just the usual colour wheel and tones...I thought I would use Andy Warhol as my inspiration to use colour in an unrealistic way. His Marilyn screen prints are just fabulous exapmles of colour...Ther are going to be a few stages to it but the last one I want the kids to use a photo editing program to use photos of them selves to adjust the hughs to make this effect and then print the out and display them in the room..add some colour the the very boring walls!

So I have been doing a bit of experimenting with some of my own pictures!

Not quite the same as Andy's but effective and simple enough for the kids to re-create!
(The backgrounds are supposed to be white don't know why they turn out black here)


Helen said…
These are fantastic AJ! They look great! Can you imagine the fun Andy would have had if Photoshop was around in his days? He would have loved it!

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