First Quilt for 2007

I have finished my first quilt for 2007 although it was started last year it is now finished. I will deliver it to Chelsea and Di next week. Need to add a lable still. I was very uncreative by using simple in-the-ditch quilting. I'm going to make some baby quilts this give to give to the Blankets of Love organisation (for premie or stil-born bubbas) so I will get more adventerous with my quilting on these little quilts.

Chelsea's Fairy Quilt

These are the new scrapbooking supplies I got today...I promised myself that I couldn't use them til I had finished C's quilt and now I have so tomorrow after the house valuer comes I will do a few layouts!

New Supplies


Helen said…
Oh AJ! Chelsea's quilt looks amazing!! Congrats on finishing your first for the year! Love the purple boarder, how did you end up quilting it?

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