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{Pinterest} Thank you gifts

Aden has his last day of DayCare today. Daddy is going to be a stay-at-home Daddy for a little while.  He hasn't been keen on going to DC for a while now. I don't think it is matching up to Kindy and he says it is 'boring'. I feel his level of care has been declining the last 6 months so I am happy to have his home where he can learn and grow and bond with Daddy. Daddy is planning all sorts of 'manly' adventures, like bike riding and fishing and exploring. I can't wait to come home from work and hear all about it!

So being totally pinspired by all the great little teacher gifts out there and realising that our income is now less that half what is was, I wanted a cheap cute easy gift for the 15 staff at the centre.
A cute little  paper bag, a small tube of hand cream, a nail file, a chocolate and a cutout of Aden's hand seems to fit the bill. Hopefully the staff will like it.  
The little bags are super easy to make...if a little time comsuming when yo…

{Pinterest} Marshmallow Slice

Ok so it appears I have a sweet tooth. 80% of the food related Pins I have are for desserts, cakes and slices! Being 'Lactose Intolerant' is not fun as it counts out all of the delicious chocolate/cheesecake things I have pinned and that said this is not 'Dairy Free' either but you can make it that way if you want.
This was super easy and fun to make. I've never made marshmallow before and it was messy! Pink dots of stickiness everywhere....okay so that may have just been the way we made it and you might not have that problem.

It was well received at my quilt group meeting yesterday! As it was a demand from a certain member that I bring something sweet!

Recipe comes from here

This counts towards my 'totally pinspired' challenge for the month of September. But I have a few more up my sleeve.....

{Pinterest} Dinosaur Party

6 weeks ago (!) Aden had his 4th birthday party. The day after his 3rd birthday party he asked for a dinosaur party....and did not waver at all. So a Dinosaur party it was!

I started a Pinterest board all about Dinosaur Parties. People make some cool stuff for their kids and so I wanted to as well!

There were also heaps of things I pinned that I wanted to do....but alas time (and procrastination) got the better of me.

Here is what we did manage though.

Instructions found here . Aunty Nicole was a star and made the whole watermelon dinosaur head on her own. Aden loved it and spent all day picking fruit from it.

We coloured Dinosaur masks from here

A bit of hat elastic and a hole punch and we were all set for a Roarrrrr-ing good time. The colouring pencils, pens and scissors were easily organised in this...   A covered shoe box filled with toilet rolls. Simple. Found here
This now sits on the kitchen table and is great to brag out pencils and pop them back. Easy to pick up and move …

{Pinterest} Totally Pinspired

You know about Pinterest right??? You don't? Well let me tell you, you are missing out on some seriously cool stuff!
So I have this group of online friends - imaginary friends, as my husband likes to call them - and we seem to like the same sort of stuff. Really that's what friends are right - people who like the same stuff that you do.
Anyway Miss Dove has decided that pinning said cool stuff is not enough and we need to actually start doing some of the cool stuff.
So she has challenged us to make 2 things each month, big or small, from our Pinterest boards.

Because September is already half over just 1 project this month will be fine.

You can join us here and leave a comment on her blog so we can see what you do!

I'll be back tomorrow with Aden's Dinosaur 4th Birthday Party and some of the cool stuff I did...found via Pinterest of course!