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We took Aden to a trial of KinderGym at the local PCYC. He loved it! I'm not sure I can fit it in at the moment though. I need a day at home to get things done. I'm keen for him to go back in about 6-12 months time...we'll see how things are then.

I don't like Cricket....

Oh no...I LOVE IT!!

Aden tured 18 months old today! That is 1 and a half people...1 and a HALF!!
We took him to his first cricket match today. He was so well behaved! He managed to have a 40 nap on my lap and lots of cheering and joining in with the wave!

Walking home from the train station...he fell asleep riding on Hubby's cute!

Happy Australia Day!

We sure are the lucky country! I love living in Australia and am very proud to be an Aussie! I am blessed to have family and friends so close, a stable job with a good income, quality childcare, free weekends and two beautiful men in my life who I love very much!

BBQ Breakfast! Yum!
Lamb for lunch??
Or crocodile perhaps??

More for the stash!

I realised that I needed (really I did!) a few more fabrics for Aden's HST Diamond quilt. So while I was dropping my machine off for a service and Aunty was spoiling Aden next door at the toy shop, I found these!

Of course it now looks like there are too many of the darker prints. Guess I'll have to do some more shopping!

Outside fun!

I've been stalking ebay for weeks to get Aden one of these...and finally I did. In great condition and at a good price...and just down the road so an easy pickup.

He loved helping Daddy put it together almost as much as he liked playing on it. We have to wait til late in the afternoon or early morning to play but he loved it!

My big boy!

How beautiful is my big boy getting!!

This was last night

and this is tonight!

He was an angel going to bed! After I tucked him in an d turned out the light, he got out of bed and came to the door and called out, but didn't come out of his room. I went in and put him back in bed and stayed for a minute. He started to cry as I left the room and we could hear him come to the door again although this time he didn't open it. Still crying we could hear him move away from the door and then less than 30 seconds later the crying stopped. I thought I would go in to find him asleep on the floor or mattress we tucked under the edge of the bed in case he fell out... nope! Fast asleep, tucked back in bed cuddling his puppy (upside down!)
Photo taken in complete darkness as we had a blackout out for 20 mins, sever thunderstorm and still he slept!

I love my big boy!

Progress on Aden's quilt

Aden's bed hasn't arrived because of the flood waters. I haven't even been able to contact the store.
Gives me some more time to work on this. I'm loving the colour and it is taking a huge chunk out of my stash!

Queensland Floods

Just close to home. I'm finding it difficult to write about the floods literally just kilometres down the road. Currently there are 14 people who have lost their lives and up to 60 still missing.

Back in October I did a post on Wivenhoe Dam with the flood gates open to let out the water. I also said that is was a 1-in-10-year event. 2 years ago the dam was at around 17% and we were having a water crisis. Authorities said it would take 10 years of above-average rain fall to take it to 80%. Currently the dam is at 187%. The dam holds twice as much water as Sydney Harbour.

First it was Rockhampton

and Emerald. photo source

The water and rain is making it's way down though Queensland and into northern NSW.

We were flooded-in to our small town but our house is on a hill and we were safe and dry. My heart just breaks for those we were not so lucky.
This is Grantham just 50kms from us. One of the worst hit small towns. No warning...just a torrent of water...

We have be…

Big boy bed!

I ordered Aden's big boy bed on will be here on Thursday if it can get though the floods. We got the 'Evita' teen boy range from Forty Winks. It is hardwood, Tasmanian Oak so it should last him a good long while...I'm hoping he will move out with it in about 16 years!
Image link

Of course he will need a quilt. I currently have one being made through ATB2 with a block swap but it will take a while. So I searched the stash and found some 5" charms in aqua from a swap a few years back. Searched the stash again for some more fabric to go with it and this is what I have.


Which I am making into HST. SO far I have decided on a diamond layout but that could change before I start sewing them together!

100+ reading challenge....# 1

Sat up til after midnight last night finishing this book

It was actually the 2nd time I have started it. I can't remember what stopped me from finishing it the first time about a month ago. I'm really glad I finished it though. It got more and more engaging as it went. This book finished...I hate books that leave you hanging. This one doesn't. You got all the answers you were wondering about for each character. Donna is quite graphic in her descriptions of the concentration camps in Hong Kong that held Canadian soilders during WWII. Although not a true story the characters are fictional the situations and circumstances are. It also has a lovely message of acceptance of differences as one of the children is a young boy with Down Syndrome.

A great read. I also enjoyed Donna's first novel After River which I read in November.

Be nice to me...

It was should try it sometime!

Fun and new Friends

We meet Helen, Daz, Grace and Milly in the city today! Such a lovely family!

We hung out at Southbank for a swim and then went to the museum.

Milly giving a 'high-5' over the dinosaur table. Aden kept trying to run off with them, Milly was very good at stopping him.
Aden was very taken by Grace at the end of the day. Helen tells me that Grace thinks Aden is 'pretty cool for a baby'.

100+ reading challenge....

Home Girl is hosting a Reading challenge in 2011. You can sign up here

I'm currently reading The Promise of Rain by Donna Milner.