My big boy!

How beautiful is my big boy getting!!

This was last night

and this is tonight!

He was an angel going to bed! After I tucked him in an d turned out the light, he got out of bed and came to the door and called out, but didn't come out of his room. I went in and put him back in bed and stayed for a minute. He started to cry as I left the room and we could hear him come to the door again although this time he didn't open it. Still crying we could hear him move away from the door and then less than 30 seconds later the crying stopped. I thought I would go in to find him asleep on the floor or mattress we tucked under the edge of the bed in case he fell out... nope! Fast asleep, tucked back in bed cuddling his puppy (upside down!)
Photo taken in complete darkness as we had a blackout out for 20 mins, sever thunderstorm and still he slept!

I love my big boy!


Ann Marie said…
That is when you know they are for sure growing up, he will be driving before you know it now. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Emma said…
Gorgeous! Do you think he has enough animals on his bed?! PS - I still love seeing that quilt in the background :)
i love your evident love for him!

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