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I made some Muffins today...yum!! These ones are bacon and cheese...tastes good with tomato and chilli chutney..I would have like to make some sweet ones...but we didn't have any chocolate chips!! I think I will get some tomorrow!!

I'm pooped!!

Played my first games of netball in 13 years last night!! Ouch am I feeling it today...Played the full game too!! no-one would sub with me... I might have to go and review the rules...the unpire kept saying...."Wing Defence too close"... so I figured I was doing something wrong...LOL oh well!!

I even had a little nap after school when I got home!! The kids are still being painful...only 6 days left before the holidays!! YEAH!!!

Nikita Helping

This is my cat Nikita...aka Noodle...she 'helps' me with a lot of things...including marking the Year 4's Maths sheets!!

Quilting progress

While DH sleeps...I've been quilting...not much though... I get dizzy doing all the turns!! LOL

I hope to have in finsihed in time to send to Luke for his 2nd birthday....maybe ;)

Thank you Helen

I forgot to post and thank Helen for the lovely blue blocks she sent me...I will put them with the others this arvo/tonight and see what they look like...I will need to trim them 6" and then put them together...I have 35 blocks 7 x 5 it will for border colours...any suggestions???


I have made 229 hexagons so far...Here are some of them sewn together

Making a quilt!

I'm slowly adding pictures and more steps

I finally put Luke's quilt together tonight....and thought I'd show you how I make a quilt...

Decide on some colours and a pattern...I'm using a pattern from this book

Here is the original quilt...(insert picture here)

Lots of cutting later the blocks are ready to be sewen together... I lay them out sometimes and take a photo graph so I can remember what they look like...especially if I'm sewing more than one block at a time as I was in this case...they can easily be mixed up...

Once all the blocks are made lay them all out to decide where each block goes...after changing it around half a dozen times you finally get one that you think looks right...and then change your mind one last time!

Then slowly stitch them together keeping them in the right order..

Then you have a finished quilt top...

Taping the backing fabric to the makes sure there are no wrinkles in it when I pin the top two layers to it...and it doesn't m…

Look what I started!!

The Birth of a hexagon will all be hand sewen...I thinking I'll even hand quilt it....if I ever get that far...It took a few hours in front of the telly to produce this rather meager sample...I was going the do a pattern like the star in a previous post...but I like that fact that a scrappy quilt looks just that....scrappy!! I might change my mind thought as it developes. I have gone through most of my scrap bag finding the right sized bits to make these hexagons ( hexagons are 3 cms long on each side)...I couldn't believe how tiny some of the scraps were...still couldn't bring myself to throw them out thought!! I love the fact that each piece of material reminds me of one of my quilts...and therefore the lovely person that I made it makes me want to make even more quilts!!!

New Project??

I think I have found my new project...always wanted to do one of these...Helen up for the challenge??? LOL I found it on this lady's blog Quilt-o-rama Each side of the hexagon is 1/2 inch long...tiny!!! That may be a little ambitious for me!!

Blues for Bernadette

Yep think I'm going to give it to the friend at work...I was talking to her the other day and she was quite sad that I hadn't brought in any more to showoff lately!!

Tonight I made nine more blocks and did them three at a time to save my poor blade..took a little longer but there were no mix-ups in the order of the materials... so all is good...that gives me a total of 36 either 5 x 7 blocks and one left over for the back label or 6 x 6 blocks and make it a square quilt??? This photo shows the 5 x 7 blocks...

So Helen are you ready to swap??? no pressure or anything!! LOL!! Do you only want ones with the materials we swaped or the others as well?? How many do you want to swap?? 5..6...7...8???

I just had to add this other photo...I always ask MOTH if he likes my quilts...(I don't really care if he doesn't!!) and this is his way of helping...jumping on top of the nicely layed out blocks and messing them all up!!! Thanks MOTH!!!


Just showing off what a great cook my MOTH (man of the house)is!!!

Summer Pasta...lovely fresh burschetta with pasta instead of bread!

Roast Chicken with Roast Capsicum and Cherry tomatoes, Baby carrots in white wine, and Rosemary and Garlic Roast Potatoes

And the latest accomplishment....Chicken pie!! With leeks, carrots, white wine and strangely enough pork sausage!! IT IS YUM!!!!!!!

Black Cockatoo

I'm looking for this pattern...anyone know where I can get one in Australia??? To get it from the US will cost about $40.00+ alot for a pattern...or something similar??? I'm looking for a black cockatoo pattern...or a stainglass one that I can use for hand applique....???
I've tried to add the link to the American site where I found it...Winddancer Creations is part of a larger quit on Australian you think it would be available in Australia!!!

I sewed!!!

Yeah!!! Feels like ages since I did some actual sewing...I needed something to take my mind of how horrible the kids were being this week so I started on a new quilt...using the fabric I swapped with Helen and Bec...not sure who it is for yet??? Anyone want it??? I'm thinking I might make it a little making either 7 or 11 new blocks...depends on if I decide to go with the corner pieces or not...and make it for a friend at work...she has always admired my quilting...and likes the bright ones maybe for her???

Step 1 - My first go at a 'stack and whack' block
Step 2 - after just 4 cuts I needed a new blade in my rotary cutter....9 pieces of material at a time is tough!!!

Step 3...3 lots of nine blocks later...I have put it on the bed to see what it may look like...still think I need to play around with it....hummm border colours???