Blues for Bernadette

Yep think I'm going to give it to the friend at work...I was talking to her the other day and she was quite sad that I hadn't brought in any more to showoff lately!!

Tonight I made nine more blocks and did them three at a time to save my poor blade..took a little longer but there were no mix-ups in the order of the materials... so all is good...that gives me a total of 36 either 5 x 7 blocks and one left over for the back label or 6 x 6 blocks and make it a square quilt??? This photo shows the 5 x 7 blocks...

So Helen are you ready to swap??? no pressure or anything!! LOL!! Do you only want ones with the materials we swaped or the others as well?? How many do you want to swap?? 5..6...7...8???

I just had to add this other photo...I always ask MOTH if he likes my quilts...(I don't really care if he doesn't!!) and this is his way of helping...jumping on top of the nicely layed out blocks and messing them all up!!! Thanks MOTH!!!


Helen said…
Your blocks look great AJ! Very stunning! 36!!!! You go girl!! :)

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