I sewed!!!

Yeah!!! Feels like ages since I did some actual sewing...I needed something to take my mind of how horrible the kids were being this week so I started on a new quilt...using the fabric I swapped with Helen and Bec...not sure who it is for yet??? Anyone want it??? I'm thinking I might make it a little bigger..by making either 7 or 11 new blocks...depends on if I decide to go with the corner pieces or not...and make it for a friend at work...she has always admired my quilting...and likes the bright ones best....so maybe for her???

Step 1 - My first go at a 'stack and whack' block
Step 2 - after just 4 cuts I needed a new blade in my rotary cutter....9 pieces of material at a time is tough!!!

Step 3...3 lots of nine blocks later...I have put it on the bed to see what it may look like...still think I need to play around with it....hummm border colours???


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