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2 months old

Aden is such a good little sausage...yes that is what I have been calling him lately...sausage roll, sausage meat, silly sausage, sausage sizzle, sausage anything really...I used to call him Widget too but that didn't stick as much as Sausage...even DH is calling him that now too.

Aden had his 2-month vacinations today...and handled it like a pro. A little tiny cry after each needle and then smiles for the nurse who was giving him cuddles.

He is starting to find and hands and put them in his mouth, hopefully he won't turn into a fist/thumb sucker!

Stats at 2 months (8 weeks 5 days)
Weight: 5370grams up 660grams from last month (now down into the 50th percentile)
Lenght: 61 cms grown 4.5cms from last month (up into the 90th percentile)
Head Circumference: 39 cms grown 1cm more than last month (now down into the 25th percentile)

My favourite suit at the moment...still a little big for him...but oh so cute!
He still has him 'infantile achne' or '6 week rash' at almost 9…


Aden is strapped into his rocker watching Daddy play racing car games and I have finally made a start on this year EB Doll Quilt Swap. I don't know why I get these ideas in my head...cause then I find them too hard to do!! I'm persevering with this one, as I know my swappee will like it!

Fabric Shopping

I took Aden fabric shopping for the first time this week. He was an angel! He lay perfectlly content in my arms while I wandered around the shop. I was looking for inspiration for a doll quilt/wall hanging and I found some.

This white-on-white has the cutest little swirls printed on it.
And I also found some blue with gold and tone-on-tone red swirls to go with it!
The yellow is from my stash...just to tone it down a bit so it is not so bright!

Poor Baby

Poor Aden is not feeling well at the moment...a cough and lots of sneezes...he is still feeding fine although a little fussy for day sleeps and taking a little longer to settle at night...I'd say last night was the most difficult it has been to get him to sleep...I had to hold him for a little while longer than normal and naughty Mummy, cause she wanted to watch the Broncos smash the Dragons, took him out to the lounge room for cuddles! No lasting effects though as he went down again tonight in his room with no extra cuddles.

We left Aden at home for the first time on Firday night so we could go to a work function of mine. Uncle Beau and Aunty Nicole did a wonderful job of baby-sitting. Thanks guys!

Aden had his 6 week check up this week as well...He is now 5202 grams...almost a kilo more than his birth weight. All that milk he is getting is going somewhere at least...rather than straight into his nappy....although it looks that way sometimes!

How beautiful are his eyes…

Quilt-a-long Panel Quilt Part 3

Join the diamonds end-to-end, making two rows of 9
Using scant 1/4 inch seams and pinning helps to not chop off the points of the diamonds!
Again using a scant 1/4 unch seam allowance add the diamond to each side of the panel.

Quilt-a-long....Panel Quilt Part 2

Diamond blocks (square-in-a-square)
Cut from fabric D 18 x 5 1/8 inch squares
Cut from Fabric C 36 x 4 inch squares Cross cut these into half square triangles

Attach two trianlges to each side of one square
Gently press the seams towards the triangles
Attach the other two triangles to the other two straight edges of the square. The triangles hang over a little (1/4 inch) at each end. You can attach each triangle and then press, but I do opposite sides so that I can chain stitch, and be more efficient!
Press seams towards triangles

Finished block measure 7 inches square (unfinished)
You'll need to make 18 of these

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there, especially the new ones!
DH had a nice day, with an early morning trip to the beach, a yummy lunch (that he had to cook himself...opps) and a lovely card and present from Aden. I hope there are lots more Father's days like this one!


Aden is one spoilt little baby! As well as heaps of other gifts from family and friends, he has received these extra special hand-made ones! The darling Helen sent Aden this special play quilt! I love the colours and they look just divine in his room. Even though the weather is warming up now this little beauty is just perfect for a lunch-time nap!
I can't get this image to be up the right way!

Lily made Aden some funky shorts and a matching appliqued suit (which is still a little big). The shorts fit perfectly....even though Lily made them bigger...What a little chubba!
Joy sent a hand-made rocket embellished t-shirt, a blue star flannel wrap and some hand-knitted longies. They are the perfect colour for Aden, bright just like Mummy likes! They fit perfectly over his cloth-nappy bottom. After my and Mum's failed attempts to make some i appreciate these ever more!

I love how they fit!

Thank you ladies WE LOVE THEM!

EB Doll Quilt Swap III

The annual EB quilt quilt swap is on again!!
I'm organising it again this year and I've asked the others to help out their swap partner by making a moasic of images/quilts/fabrics that they like...there are some inspiring things being made out there!
1. DQS5 Quilt Top, 2. DQS4 Received, 3. Finished Quilt, 4. finished pinwheel doll quilt, 5. Hanging line, 6. Numbers Doll Quilt, 7. August 27 203, 8. scrappy log cabins II, 9. pinwheels again, 10. Wavy patchwork Quilt., 11. hedgie~ the double hourglass quilt, 12. Special doll quilts, 13. Maverick Stars Dolls Quilt, 14. Doll Quilt Swap I: received, 15. Imagine my surprise and delight!, 16. doll quilt - log cabin/courthouse steps variation - top, 17. Doll quilt so far..., 18. liberated row, 19. Doll Quilt Swap III, 20. Baby Quilt, 21. Fish Quilt, 22. baby boy quilt, 23. stacked coins baby quilt, 24. Soiree Bed Quilt, 25. Stormy Days, 26. Garden at Sea, 27. Storm at Sea, 28. Katie's finished quilt, 29. 4SQS Winter Quilt by Tami, 30…

Professional Photos

Taken on the 3rd of August 2009 at 4 days old