Quilt-a-long....Panel Quilt Part 2

Diamond blocks (square-in-a-square)
Cut from fabric D 18 x 5 1/8 inch squares
Cut from Fabric C 36 x 4 inch squares Cross cut these into half square triangles

Attach two trianlges to each side of one square
Gently press the seams towards the triangles
Attach the other two triangles to the other two straight edges of the square. The triangles hang over a little (1/4 inch) at each end. You can attach each triangle and then press, but I do opposite sides so that I can chain stitch, and be more efficient!
Press seams towards triangles

Finished block measure 7 inches square (unfinished)
You'll need to make 18 of these


BEE said…
Enough of the quilting pictures!!! Where are the ones of your son?? and my nephew!?!?!? : ) love you!

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