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Are you joining in?? The fun starts tomorrow!

Sign Up Page!

I was rather impressed to see 3 of my 'friends' in the Top 10 to sign up! Special congratulations to Car who managed to score 1st place!!

This is post number can you guess what will happen at post number 700??

Christmas Swap

Entries are still open for this simple little Christmas themed swap...anyone else want to join in??

Hanging of the quilt!

Look what is now hanging in Aden's room! I finally have added a hanging sleeve to the back of the quilt ( in what appears to be exactly the same fabric that I found in my stash!!) and it looks perfect! Adds a whole lot of colour and life to Aden's room!

He is very content to sit in the rocker with me and stare at the quilt...most likely for different reasons though!
Thanks Emma!

My ATB2 Quilt will match in with this quilt and be for his big bed...when he gets one!

EB Doll Quilt Swap IV

Some flickr favourites for my EB Doll Quilt swappee!!
1. Vintage goodness baby quilt, 2. Heather Ross Doll Quilt Swap, 3. doll quilt quilted!, 4. This made it to Explore! Pink Vintage Tea Towel, 5. vintage pink roses, 6. Shabby Pink Rose Rag Quilt, 7. vintage florals - finished!, 8. my block for Aug, 9. Simple Lattice Quilt Back, 10. Yummy Vintage 50s 60s Pre-Quilted Fabric Bright Pink Roses & Buds with Lime Green, 11. August 27 203, 12. Soiree Bed Quilt, 13. hello kitty mini, 14. Wavy patchwork Quilt., 15. Quilts I'd like to make, 16. hexagon paper piecing

As I do the swapping I know who is making my quilt...and I'd love one in their 'theme' I hope I've captured her and given her some ideas for a quilt for my wall....something different from all the others I, girly, sweet, vintage, simple, cute...
The last picture in this set...*sigh* cute!

Around the Block 2

I was lucky enough to be invited to join the second round of 'Around the Block'. 12 lovely quilting ladies each choose a block and post off fabrics and instructions on the construction of their block. Each month we choose a block to make from the lovely pile on envelopes of fabric and then post it back. At the end of 12 months all the blocks will be back to their owners and I will have 12 lovely blocks of my own.
I'm not yet ready to reveal my block but I could help myself and got started on Helen's block first.

Her daughter helped pick the fabrics to make a 'jewelled squares' quilt in Blue, Yellow and Green, solids and spots! These fabrics were fun to work with and the block is now on it's way back to Helen!

If you want to have a go at making your own 'jewelled squares' Helen has a tutorial here.

My Creative Space

Aden had a two hour nap my room got the once over for some photos. The quilts are all hung on the wall...with space left for this years EB Doll Quilt swap! The shelves are somewhat tidy...or at least I know where stuff is...and I'm ready to get stuck into some serious sewing!

It's not the most glamorous or pretty I've seen on blogs but it's mine and it here is my creative space!

The view from the sewing desk
My little helper getting in trouble for pulling the foot peddles to my other machines out of the cupboards...his favourite thing to do!

When did you start letting your children in to your sewing room/area?? When are they old enough to know not to touch??


Look where my hat is!!!
Looks like little sis is having fun!

Crafty Time for Aden

Aden had been asked to do some art work for MIL's office. The other ladies have their grandchildren's work up on the wall so now Aden is old enough to do some too. It was overcast and threatening rain but we had fun anyway!

Getting some help from Nana

He concentrates so hard!!
More on the table than the paper!
Thanks Mum I've had enough now...I'm off to play with Jester!
The finished master pieces!

Spring Flowers

I've always wanted to go to the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers so today we did! Aden and I went with my MIL to see all the blooms. They were beautiful and felt very 'spring' despite the cool 13 degree weather! I took heaps of are a few of my favourites!

We managed to keep Aden's accidental pickings to just 3
Poppies - Wonderland Mix
These flowers just scream Spring..I'd love to do a quilt in these colours

Pansy - Dynamic Strawberry
For some reason this flower really appeals to me. It was my favourite of the day

Tulip - Monet Party Pink

Part of the carnival was a 'Side Show Alley'...Aden's first look at anything like this...he was mesmerised by the noise and colour. He loved watching the kids go on the rides.

The Competition Gardens were beautiful. This one came 2nd in the small garden section...but it was my favourite
Aden found a dog to pat
Arum Lily
Two of the gardens we went to had little bridges....Aden loved trip-tra…


How beautiful is my little nephew getting!!

Bon Voyage

As requested before Mum and Cee flew out to Egypt. 2 travelling hats to stuff into their bags!

And cause she is away and can't do anything about it til she gets back....Love you little sis!!

Aden is getting alot of wear out of his little hat now that the weather is warming up....must make a spare one to keep in the car!

Bad Mummy Moment # 54

Less than 24hrs after the last Bad Mummy moment...*sigh*

Mummy upstairs sweeping the floor...Aden downstairs playing...

Aden comes to the bottom of the stairs TV remote in hand..."Hey your not supossed to have that" is then that Mummy realises that the remote has water running out of it....follow the water drops to the back door to discover that Aden has taken the TV remote for a swim in the dog's water bowl....Bad Mummy should have been watching more carefully...or at least put the remote where Aden couldn't reach it....or shut the back door properly....

Bad Mummy!!!

Let's hope it dries out and will still work!

Edited to Add: Yes it still works!! Thank goodness!!