Bad Mummy Moment # 54

Less than 24hrs after the last Bad Mummy moment...*sigh*

Mummy upstairs sweeping the floor...Aden downstairs playing...

Aden comes to the bottom of the stairs TV remote in hand..."Hey your not supossed to have that" is then that Mummy realises that the remote has water running out of it....follow the water drops to the back door to discover that Aden has taken the TV remote for a swim in the dog's water bowl....Bad Mummy should have been watching more carefully...or at least put the remote where Aden couldn't reach it....or shut the back door properly....

Bad Mummy!!!

Let's hope it dries out and will still work!

Edited to Add: Yes it still works!! Thank goodness!!


Helen said…
At least he didn't eat dog food! That would have been worse! I can still remember Grace's breath after I caught her chowing down on cat pellets once at a similar age, GROSS!!!
Oh no! Could have been worse I'm sure! So glad you are moved and back up blogging. Was getting worried there for a while. Take care! Aden is growing up so fast and getting more handsome everyday! Jenn
Hollie said…
Oh no! Put the remote in a big bowl of uncooked rice that will help get the excess moisture out. It works with phones and other electronics that get wet too depending on how soon after and how waterlogged they are. Good luck!
Oh dear! I hope it still works!

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