Are you joining in?? The fun starts tomorrow!

I was rather impressed to see 3 of my 'friends' in the Top 10 to sign up! Special congratulations to Car who managed to score 1st place!!

This is post number can you guess what will happen at post number 700??


Lily Mulholland said…
Ooh, a giveaway! *claps hands*

Guess what, I am up to 399 and am planning a giveaway to celebrate 400 :)

Oh, and I am so not signing up for Blogtoberfest. I can barely manage two posts a month these days! Bad me!
Car said…
Heee hee hee... I was up early and on the ball for a change ;)
The Humming Cat said…
I am #77, lol.
Becky said…
Happy Blogtoberfest AJ. Looking forward to seeing what you blog over the next month.
Helen said…
Its the 1st! Where is your post??!

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